Fourth Excerpt from ‘Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse’

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Star Wars Books has posted their fourth excerpt from Troy Denning’s upcoming novel Apocalypse.

In the same instant the Sith sergeant whirled around with narrowed eyes, obviously searching for the source of the tempest he had just felt in the Force. Then the overhead illumination panels began to sizzle out, and the sergeant’s gaze found Luke just as the entire waiting area was plunged into darkness.

FOTJ: Apocalypse comes out March 13th. You can check out the previous excerpts here: #1, #2. and #3.

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Audio Interview with Joe Schreiber

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Suvudu has posted an interview by Fictional Frontiers with Star Wars author Joe Schreiber, author of Deathtroopers and Red Harvest. You can check out the sixteen minute audio interview here.

The paperback reprint of Red Harvest, featuring the new cover will be released on February 28th.

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George Lucas Talks about the Star Wars 3D Experience

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In an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, George Lucas explains how it was Rober Zemeckis and James Cameron who encouraged him to do 3D.  The guys that brought you Back to the Future and Avatar asked Lucas to join them in showing theater owners that 3D was a viable product.  Zemeckis and Cameron turned to Lucas because of his pushing for digital projectors in movie houses.  Since Lucas wanted digital theaters he saw this as a mean to achieve that.

But it was when he finally saw TPM in 3D that he really got behind the 3D bandwagon.  Lucas actually says he doesn’t care for the gimmicky stuff with 3D.  He doesn’t like things coming out of the screen.  For him 3D is about enhancing the depth of what you see on the screen.  He likens it to watching black and white movies versus color.  the movie’s still watchable in black and white, but it’s better in color.  Same thing with 3D in Lucas’s opinion.  Tomorrow the rest of us will find out for ourselves.

Catch the video of Lucas here.

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Jaina Solo has Buffy Summers Syndrome

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I'm going to stake you now.

There seems to be one particular topic that some fans of the SWEU have taken vocal issue with.

Well. There’s a lot of topics that some minority of Expanded Universe fans have taken overly vocal issues with. But this is one of them. One that I feel deserves a bit more of a balanced perspective.

A while back, there was controversy that posited author Christie Golden had completely slaughtered several female characters and has portrayed them in an overly manipulative, sexist manner. This is based, primarily, on two scenes in the expanded universe novel Allies, the fifth entry in the Fate of the Jedi series:

  1. The scene aboard the Jade’s Fire where Gavar Khai instructs Vestara to, if needs be, seduce Ben to get him to come over to the Dark Side.
  2. The scene in Jag’s office where Jaina attempts to use her feminine charm to get what she wants from him.

These two scenes alone have caused parts of the fandom to harbor a hatred of Golden that goes far beyond any sort of reasonable discourse. Worse, these vitriolic arguments have damaged the characters themselves.

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