First Look at ‘Knights of the Old Republic: War #5’

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Coming this May from Dark Horse Comics, here is an exclusive look at Knights of the Old Republic: War #5!!

KotOR – War #5 is on sale May 9th, 2012!

Pacifist Jedi Zayne Carrick is both saving and fighting Jedi in this final issue!

Part one of Zayne’s plan to foil the Mandalorian Knights and their misguided leader is complete—but the battle is not yet won. Taking on the Mandalorians face to face is still on the agenda, and Zayne’s questionable team could blow the operation at any moment . . . With everything on the line, all Zayne can do is have faith!

The Knights of the Old Republic video game and comics are set in one of the most popular eras of Star Wars!

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‘The Clone Wars’ Reviews

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We’ve been entertaining the idea of writing our own TCW episode reviews, but Pete Morrison does such a good job reviewing each episode for his own site, LightSaber Rattling.  So we asked Pete and, being the nice guy that he is, he consented to allow us to link to his reviews.  We’ve decided to start with the current arc so this week there will be two episode reviews: Deception and Friends and Enemies.  Enjoy the reviews.  Hint: they’re all about Obi-Wan — which makes some of us here at Roqoo Depot very happy. Continue Reading ‘The Clone Wars’ Reviews…

‘Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse’ Book Tour

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The last book in the Fate of the Jedi series will be out in March. To celebrate the event, Del Rey will be sending author Troy Denning on a book tour across the country. Check below to see if he’ll be coming to a town near you.

UPDATE: Christie Golden will also be joining the tour, but for only one stop.

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‘The Essential Guide to Warfare’ Update

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Star Wars Books has posted two new images from The Essential Guide to Warfare on their Facebook photo album. Both of them feature the Millennium Falcon, a nod to tomorrow’s release of the Millennium Falcon Owners’ Workshop Manual. You can check them out here (by John Van Fleet) and here (by Dave Seeley). The second picture features a scene from Legacy of the Force: Fury by Aaron Allston. The scene depicts the Falcon‘s escape from Kashyyyk as it’s set ablaze by Jacen Solo.

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Monday Funny: Celebration 2012 (Not What You Think)

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In keeping with Roqoo Depot’s year long celebration of the end of the world, we’re presenting this video.  Enjoy.

Posted by Synlah for Roqoo Depot.  It’s the end of the world as we know it.

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