Movie Review: Red Tails

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A piece of American history and a good movie, Red Tails is a war film worth seeing. In a day and age where teen vampire movies rule the box office, it’s nice to see a movie with substance. Furthermore it’s great to see the Tuskegee airmen get the credit that they deserve.

Visually Red Tails was stunning. Never have I seen a movie with such great shots of aerial combat. World War II dogfights have truly never looked this good. The camera highlights the frantic action of enemy fighters strafing massive bomber formations composed of hundreds of airplanes. Amidst this of chaos machine gun fire, the Red Tails have to dive in and take out the enemy, be they German ME109’s or ME262 jet fighters. Not only does the audience get to see the brutal match-ups between fighters and bombers, but armed trains and naval destroyers as well.

As impressive as the aerial combat is, there’s also a good deal of work done elsewhere with the cinematography. Simple shots of the landscape and towns in Italy are gorgeously done and provide an interesting contrast to the violence of the battles. Each character has a very strong visual appearance in the film. Often where the dialog might fail to rouse the emotion of the viewer, the director and actors pull it off with mere gestures and looks. When a wingmate dies, there’s very little words can do but a look, a face drowning in the depths of sorrow, that says a lot.

Beyond all the fighter combat, there are a couple subplots that help distinguish each of the pilots. Drinking problems, a love story, and even a prison escape. Not much time is wasted on any of the plots. Instead there is just enough to give each pilot a degree of character that stands out. When they take to the sky, you’ll start to care when they live and die.

I give Red Tails a four out of five. It’s a good war film, and visually one of the best fighter films out there.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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