Star Wars Cover Art: The Corellian and Callista Trilogies

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For our next step down memory lane we’ll be taking a look at the cover art for the Corellian Trilogy and the dreaded Callista Trilogy.

The Corellian Trilogy

The Corellian Trilogy was written by Roger MacBride Allen, a sci-fi author who had about a dozen novels under his belt before tackling Star Wars. Ambush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia, and Showdown at Centerpoint were the only three Star Wars books he wrote, and all of their covers were done by artist Drew Struzan.

All of the covers focus on Han, of course, and they all manage to include Luke and Leia as well. All three books also adopted a unique side bar for the title.

Of the three covers, my favorite is Assault at Selonia. Here we get to see a image of Thrackan Sal-Solo as well as Centerpoint Station. Images of new characters and locales are always a bonus to see on the cover, and as a reader, it’s one of the few instances where you’ll get to see such items. The wait in between essential guides can be excruciatingly long, and even then there’s no guarantee the new character or item you are waiting for will get illustrated. Too often the covers simply cover the same old ground of recognizable icons like the Big 3 or X-wings and the Falcon. Here we get a nice balance of both, though the cover does cut off some of the action.

Showdown at Centerpoint seems like a heavy nod to Return of the Jedi. Han is once again wearing a long coat, Leia has her hair in the ROTJ style braid, Luke is in black, and Lando is wearing his general garb. Han looks a little off on this cover, as does Luke. With the background dominated by a very orange explosion, it’s not anything exceptional, but not terrible either.

The Callista Trilogy

All three books in the Corellian Trilogy came out in 1995. That year also saw the first two books in what would be called the Callista Trilogy. Children of the Jedi is the first book in the series. Interestingly enough, it is set six years before the Corellian Trilogy and several months after the events in the Jedi Academy Trilogy. Written by Barbara Hambly, Children of the Jedi was a best seller.

As a fan of Star Wars aliens, I really like the full artwork for this novel. It shows a very nice panorama of a host of Gamorreans, Tusken Raiders, and Jawas. The Big 3 is in there, plus we get to see Callista. It has some nice coloring with a sun and some stars adding points of focus with an overall sunset theme.

Darksaber is the second novel in the series, and also the last Star Wars novel to be penned by Kevin J. Anderson aside from the Young Jedi Knights series. The events in this book directly followed Children of the Jedi. Unfortunately the cover does not depict the Darksaber, nor does it show the main protagonist Durga the Hutt or any members of the Taurill species which were used for its construction.

The full cover art leans toward pinkish hues with a dark contrast. Han looks a little off, but otherwise everything looks pretty good.

Planet of Twilight is the last book in the Callista Trilogy, though it would not be the last time readers see Callista or the planet Nam Chorios. It was, however, the last Star Wars book for Barbara Hambly and included some strange things like a Force-sensitive Hutt and sentient crystal life forms. The cover art is rather strange in that it shows scenes from the Battle of Hath. Noticeably absent are any new species or characters. The only thing new on this cover is Leia’s hair style. Yet the likeness of the characters is done reasonably well. It’s a bit of an odd cover, especially with the heavy yellow-orange color saturation.

The foreign covers for both the Corellian Trilogy and the Callista Trilogy stuck mostly to the main cover art with very little variation. The only true alternate cover was a 1996 Russian version of Ambush on Corellia which featured a concept art image of the Deathstar.

Here is the original piece by Ralph McQuarrie.

Next month we’ll take a look at the cover art for the X-Wing series!

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