‘Scourge’ Mini-Excerpt #1

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Hutt fans, rejoice! The first Scourge mini-excerpt has been posted on Del Rey’s Star Wars Book Facebook page.  The mini-excerpt featured an all new character, Mander:

“A Jedi goes where he is needed,” said Mander. “Your brother, regardless of his fate, knew this. I taught him that, as I myself was taught. I will finish Toro’s task, and if I can, bring those responsible for his death to justice. I would appreciate your help.” He looked at the Bothan. “Both of you.”

Del Rey Editor Erich Schoeneweiss revealed in the comments section that Scourge will take place after the Hand of Thrawn duology and before Survivor’s Quest.   You can read more about Scourge in our exclusive interview with the author, Jeff GrubbScourge goes on sale April 24, 2012 in eBook and paperback formats.

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Space, The Final Frontier…for US Statehood?

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Popular Science ran an interesting headline that seemed odd for a site not oriented toward politics “The Moon Should Be the 51st State, and Other Space Dreams From Newt Gingrich.” First off that’s a long title, but secondly and more importantly are the statements Mr. “I want to be Number 45” said recently in Florida. According to PopSci:

At the sunset of Newt Gingrich’s putative presidency, the moon would be the 51st state, colonized by permanent American settlers. Tourists would honeymoon in low-Earth orbit, space factories would manufacture goods in microgravity, and America would have a rocket powerful enough to send us to Mars.

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Chris Pratt Battles Darth Vader for Kinect Star Wars

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Entertainment Weekly has posted a hilarious ad for Kinect Star Wars that features Parks and Recreations actor Chris Pratt battling Darth Vader in the iconic scene from A New Hope. It’s an exclusive clip, so you’ll have to check it out here on their site.

No official word yet on when Kinect Star Wars will be out beyond sometime in the Spring, though rumors are pointing toward an April release.

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