Hot Stars So Close Yet So Far Away

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Close but far as in the next galaxy over.  The satellite galaxies, the Magellanic Clouds visible in the southern skies, have a couple of excitable beauties in their midst.  AB7, a binary star, has very strong stellar winds that continuously eject energy particles from 10 to 1,000 times more intensely than our own star, the sun.  You definitely don’t want to get too close to this pair because AB7 is hotter than you can handle; as in surface temperatures that exceed 120,000 degrees.

The green filament visible in the upper left just outside the clouds are the remains of a super nova explosion.

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Star Wars: Celebration VI Guest Roster

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The folks at Lucasfilm have promised us a celebration of the past, present and future of Star Wars.  Now Suvudu reports that guest authors will include Aaron Allston, Timothy Zahn, Troy Denning, and Drew Karpyshyn.  And that’s definitely bringing out the heavy hitters of the EU.

Celebration VI runs Aug. 23 – 26 so fire up your X-wing, landspeeder or TIE fighter and head to Orlando, Florida this summer.

Update: Del Rey confirms that John Jackson Miller and Pablo Hidalgo will also be attending Celebration VI.

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Production Notes for Knight Errant: Deluge #4#5

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John Jackson Miller has posted the production notes for Knight Errant: Deluge #4 and Deluge #5. The notes includes some background on the stories as well as fun trivia info. They do include some spoilers so make sure to read them after you’ve read the comics. They’re worth checking out. John hints that we’ll be seeing more of Odion in the next arc, Knight Errant: Escape which will be out in June.

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Happy Birthday, James Earl Jones

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Today we wish actor James Earl Jones a very happy birthday. In his long, illustrious film career he has played many parts, but for Star Wars fans we will always remember him as the voice of Darth Vader.

Born in Arkabutla, Mississippi, his father left the family at an early age and the experience of moving to Jackson, Michigan to live with his grandparents affected him deeply. He developed a stutter and was practically mute for eight years. It wasn’t until high school that he finally broke from his silence when a teacher helped coax him out of his routine by forcing him to recite poetry. After high school he went on to attend at the University of Michigan as a pre-med major and was a part of the Reserve Officer Training Corps, before switching his studies to drama.

Earning the rank of first lieutenant in the army, he luckily never had to go off for the Korean War. He moved to New York and got into theater. He got his first film role in 1964 with the classic Dr. Strangelove. Fifteen movies later, he wound up as the voice for Darth Vader. Interestingly enough he requested that he would go uncredited for the film, and it wasn’t until Return of the Jedi that he finally relented and allowed his voice work to be credited.

Among all the films and accolades, James Earl Jones stands as one of the great actors of film. James turns 81 today, and we wish him the best.

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