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We’re starting out today’s column with a fun find: The new Dark Shadow’s Barnabas Collins from Johnny Dep Italia.  Directed by Tim Burton, the remake of the TV soap opera cult classic is set in 1972.  The movie co-stars Eva Green

Yes, that really is Johnny Depp

and Michelle Pfeiffer.

And speaking of Johnny Depp: there’s a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie in the works.  At least script rewrites in hopes that Johnny will approve and say yes, according to POTC director Rob Marshall (via Hollywood Reporter):

Terry [Rossio] is writing it and he’s working incredibly hard and he did a draft and rethought it all and started working on it again. You want to make sure you are asking the audience to come back to see an exciting adventure and it has to reach that caliber, and if not there’s no reason to do it. I know Johnny feels the same way: He needs to see a script, but he would be happy — if it’s the right script — to put that hat and sword back on.”

Johnny, just say no.

Inside TV announced that Season two of Game of Thrones will premiere April 1st with 10 episodes.  No, this isn’t an April Fools prank.

Monday is season 2 premiere night for Syfy’s Being Human – American version, 9/8 PM EDT/CDT.  At 10/9  PM EDT/CDT, Syfy will unfurl their newest show Lost Girl, plot Who wouldn't want to room with a vampire, a ghost and a werewolfrevolving around a succubus AKA Fae.  Think kinky.

Movies premiering this weekend:

Loosies, Albatross, Joyful Noise, Underworld: Awakening & Beauty, and the Beast 3D.

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Dawn of the Jedi Sketches

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Dark Horse Comics has posted some sketches from Dawn of the Jedi. You can check out all four here.

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Further News on Star Wars Live Action TV Show

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Following on the heels of IGN’s interview with Rick McCallum regarding the state of the Star Wars live action TV show, Entertainment Weekly spoke with the producer at the Red Tails premiere after-party.  McCallum further elaborated about the live action project, tentatively titled Star Wars: Underworld.  McCallum made it clear that it’s a working title only, and not the final choice.  Among other tidbits, McCallum had this to say about the project. Continue Reading Further News on Star Wars Live Action TV Show…

The Essential Guide to Warfare: Taungs and Darktroopers

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In case you missed it, Star Wars Books added two new images to their Essential Guide to Warfare album on Facebook. One image is entitled “Last Stand of the Taungs” and was done by artist Bruno Werneck. The other is an image of the Darktrooper project, also by Werneck.

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No Post-Fate of the Jedi Excerpts, But…

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Star Wars Books posted an interesting update on their Facebook page:

I can confirm that the excerpts (yes two!) in Apocalypse will be the first chapters from two eagerly anticipated upcoming novels, Aaron Allston’s Star Wars: X-Wing: Mercy Kill and Jeff Grubb’s Star Wars: Scourge. I know that some of you were expecting an excerpt from a post Fate of the Jedi series in Apocalypse. We are working hard on the post FotJ saga, we’re just not quite ready to talk about it yet. The Apocalypse is coming March 13!

So we won’t be seeing anything soon on a new post-Fate of the Jedi series. However, having already read an early ARC for Apocalypse, I can tell you that it is really going to open the door for the future and I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

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Knights of the Old Republic: War #1 Notes

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John Jackson Miller has already posted the production notes for his new comic this week Knights of the Old Republic: War #1. The production notes give a nice look at how the series came about. John even goes into why KOTOR picked up with War #1 instead of KOTOR #51. He covers his thoughts on how Zayne should be at the start of this series, and ends with the usual fun trivia. Be warned, there are some mild spoilers, so be sure to check it out after you read KOTOR: War #1.

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Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories Update

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Yesterday revealed the cover for the upcoming book Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories. John Jackson Miller added some more info about the book on his site:

It’s going to be a mammoth of a paperback — 432 pages, bigger than Knight Errant! There will be a digital version as well, for purchase; the package will have quite a lot that is new. Pandemonium is larger than the size of four of the Lost Tribe ebooks combined— so a full third or more is new material. And there may be some other goodies.

Pendemonium is the new novella that will be included in the anthology. It’ll be interesting to see what those “other goodies” might be. Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories will be out on July 31st.

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Star Wars The Phantom Menace 3D News

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Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D doesn’t come out until February 10, but the media machine is already in full gear. Tomorrow there will be a virtual podrace on Twitter with some big name participants including Daniel Logan, James Arnold Taylor, Kyle Newman, and many others. Everyone will be roleplaying as a podracer and it will be up to the fans to decide what happens and who wins. A massive celebrity roleplay on Twitter? Sounds like fun. You can check out all the details here on, just remember to use the hastag #Podrace.

The Phantom Menace is also getting some new posters to help promote the movie and some of them are pretty cool. You can check out all five here.

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