New Lost Tribe of the Sith Covers

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The Official Star Wars Blog revealed two covers today. First up Lost Tribe of the Sith: Secrets, the next eBook in the series by John Jackson Miller which will be out on March 5th.

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The new Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace novelization

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Del Rey Publicist David Moench posted a picture of the upcoming re-release novelization of The Phantom Menace by Terry Brooks.

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Game Review: Skyrim

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I’m also a Nightengale and have this awesome ninja armor. Booyah!

My name is Otto. I am a Breton. And I’m the Dragonborn.

After 150 hours of gameplay, I felt I was finally worthy of writing a review of Skyrim for the Xbox 360. For fans of the Elder Scrolls games, this is a must have, must play, there just isn’t anyway around it. Overall it feels like an improvement over the previous game, Oblivion, with much smoother gameplay and user interfaces, even in-game mechanics. While it might not have the sheer massive amount of options that Morrowind offered, it does deliver a fun experience with great visuals and tons of adventure. Even after a month of exploration, I have still not explored the entirety of the game nor have I completed the bulk of the quests. When it comes to adventure and exploration, Skyrim delivers in abundance. Continue Reading Game Review: Skyrim…

Happy Birthday, John Jackson Miller

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Today we wish a very happy birthday to Star Wars author and comics writer John Jackson Miller! If you haven’t bought it yet, don’t forget that Knights of the Old Republic: War #1 came out this week.

You can wish John a happy birthday on Facebook and Twitter, and you can stop by his site for tons of great info.

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First Excerpt from Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

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Star Wars Books has posted their first excerpt from Troy Denning’s upcoming novel Apocalypse.

Back when Barab I had still existed, the Jedi had believed that Sith only came in pairs, a Master and a servant. Saba had always found that disappointing, because it had meant that she would probably never have a chance to hunt Sith herself—and even if she did, by the time she became good at it, the prey would be extinct. But now, after the emergence of the Lost Tribe, there would be an almost limitless supply of Sith to stalk—and there were several hundred of them between her and the quarry she had come to claim.

Truly, this was going to be a fine hunt.

FOTJ: Apocalypse comes out March 13th.

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