Dark Horse’s Star Wars Solicitations for April 2012

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Dark Horse Comics has release their solicitations for April 2012, here is the Star Wars rundown.

Agent of the Empire: Iron Eclipse #5 (of 5)

Release Date: April 11

Jahan Cross finally learns the truth about the deadly project called “Iron Eclipse.” Now all he has to do is defeat the crazed mastermind behind it all, keep his allies from double-crossing him, and escape the Corporate Sector with his life!

Writer: John Ostrander
Penciller/Cover Artist: Stéphane Roux
Inker: Julien Hugonnard-Bert

Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead #1 (of 4)

Release Date: April 25

The news spreads from one end of the galaxy to the other like wildfire: Boba Fett, the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter, is dead. But when members of the team that killed Fett are themselves picked off one by one, Connor Freeman—the son of one of Jango Fett’s clones—gets pulled into the action in a most unexpected way!

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist/Cover Artist: Chris Scalf
Variant Cover Artist: David Palumbo

Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm #3 (of 5)

Release Date: April 18

The balance of the Force on Tython has been thrown into turmoil. A ship has fallen from the sky, bringing with it a strange, dark, and hostile individual. Three young Jédaii who felt “called” to the site of the crash now fight for their lives with their swords and the Force. But live or die, the storm that will engulf the homeworld of the Je’daii has already begun!

Writer: John Ostrander
Penciller/Cover Artist: Jan Duursema
Inker: Dan Parsons
Colorist: Wes Dzioba

Knight Errant: Deluge TPB

Release Date: June 13

Alone, deep behind enemy lines, Jedi Knight Kerra Holt has a new plan—liberate her homeworld from the Sith! But when her arrival on the planet coincides with an ambush from a Hutt mastermind, her daring rescue quickly starts looking like a suicide mission. Collects the five-issue miniseries.

Writer: John Jackson Miller
Pencillers: Ivan Rodriguez, Iban Coello, David Daza
Inkers: Ivan Rodriguez, Sergio Abad
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist: Joe Quinones

Knights of the Old Republic: War #4 (of 5)

Release Date: April 11

The battle for the future of the Republic is on! The Republic, the Mandalorians, and even some of the Jedi are corrupt—so Zayne Carrick is going to take matters fully into his own lightsaber-wielding hands. It’s high risk and utterly insane, and the allies Zayne has to work with aren’t exactly what you’d call trustworthy . . . but at least this time he knows that up front!

Writer: John Jackson Miller
Penciller: Andrea Mutti
Inker: Gigi Baldassini
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist: Benjamin Carré

Droids and Ewoks Omnibus

Release Date: June 20

Based on the children’s television cartoon series of the same names, Ewoks and Droids explores further adventures in the lives of the Ewoks on Endor and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO. The Ewoks become embroiled in the dangers of their planet—lizard warriors, underwater kingdoms, magic spells—and the outside world—pirates, invaders, and more! The droids encounter more than one new master, war droids, megaweapons, time travel, and even Ewoks! This omnibus collects all the issues of the Ewoks and Star Wars: Droids comics series, released in the 1980s by Marvel’s imprint Star Comics.

Writers: David Manak, George Caragonne
Pencillers: Warren Kremer, Ernie Colon, John Romita, Mary Wilshire
Inkers: Jon D’Agostino, Carlos Garzón, Jacqueline Roettcher, Marie Severin, Joe Sinnott, Al Williamson
Colorists: George Roussos, Marie Severin

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