Red Tails: “This is as Close as You’ll Get to Episode 7”

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Yes, that’s what the man himself said.  George Lucas, speaking to John Stewart on The Daily Show talked about his upcoming movie, Red Tails, premiering January 20th.  And it was clear from that this is a project Lucas loves.  He spent 23 years trying to get it made.  Of the 40 original Tuskegee Airmen that he consulted for the movie only 7 are left.

George Lucas made it very clear that this is definitely a combat movie, and it has the feel and authenticity of the time it’s set in.  It’s also a tribute to often overlooked but very real American heroes.  One of the problems Lucas faced in making the movie was whittling down the story because there’s still so much to tell.  Lucas didn’t just hint, but came out and said if the movie does well, there will be a prequel and a sequel.  That’s how much he wants to tell the story of men who helped saved the world only to return and face discrimination at home.

The movie itself faced discrimination just getting off the ground.  Because of Lucas’s desire for authenticity there are no big name Caucasian stars in it, and the studios saw that as a drawback.  But George Lucas is nothing if not persevering.  He made the movie and he made it his way — to honor the Tuskegee Airmen.

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John Jackson Miller News

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Comic Book Therapy did an interview with John Jackson Miller. The interview covers John’s inspirations for his comics and his upcoming new series Knights of the Old Republic: War (which comes out Wednesday). You can read the full interview here.

And don’t forget, tomorrow Dark Horse Comics will be doing a live Twitter chat with John.

Dark Horse is also running a digital sale on the old KOTOR comics. You can pick them up individually for $1.99 or as TPB’s for $9.99.

UPDATE: John also did a podcast interview with Mos Eisley Radio which you can listen to here, and an interview with Big Shiny Robot here.

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Could this be Hoth?

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It may not be Hoth, but it's definitely Star Wars

It’s probably not Hoth but Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort has opened the first ever Star Wars snowboard park, thankfully, in this galaxy.  In the park you’ll see carvings of Ewoks, Chewie, and the Chosen One himself, Anakin Skywalker.

The idea is to teach kids as young as three how to snowboard, and you don’t even need to be a Jedi to have a fun experience because of the Burton Riglet Reel.  The reel is a handy little device that Burton Riglet Reelattaches to the nose of snowboards so the kids can be pulled around.  The park will be opened throughout the season — which is anybody’s guess since not even Yoda can control the weather.  At least, we don’t think so.

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The Force is With These Quasicrystals

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If you haven’t been keeping up with quasicrystals, let me give a brief rundown of the significance of these little dazzlers.  The first thing you should know is that after a lot of ridicule from his collegues, Dan Schechtman (the scientist who discovered quasicrystals) was handed the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery.  What’s so significant about this discovery you ask?  Well, quasicrystals pretty much turned the prevailing view of the atomic structure of matter on its head.

Crystals are composed of a three-dimensional repeating orderly atomic pattern, and they’re symmetrical.  To understand quasicrystals I’m going to

quasicrystal pattern

give you a nice layman’s explanation provided by Pat Theil, Senior Scientist at the U.S. Energy Department’s Ames Laboratory and Professor of materials science at Iowa State University.

“If you want to cover your bathroom floor, your tiles can be rectangles or triangles or squares or hexagons.  Any other simple shape won’t work, because it will leave a gap. In a quasicrystal, imagine atoms are at the points of the objects you’re using. What Danny discovered is that pentagonal symmetry works.  But since pentagons can’t fit together like squares or triangles can, nature places other atomic shapes into the gaps…glue atoms.”

As if that wasn’t enough to make these crystals really interesting, it now turns out that these alien crystals are literally that — space rocks.  Paul Steinhardt, Professor of physics and Director of Princeton’s Center for Theoretical Science, and his colleagues discovered that the only known sample found in Russia in the Koryak Mountains is part of a meteorite.  And that adds a whole new dimension to understanding how these crystals are formed.  As Steinhardt says:

“Nature managed to do it under conditions we would have thought completely nuts.”

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Monday Funny: Star Wars Playoffs

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When you’re talking about One Minute Galactica not even football’s safe from the Star Wars treatment.

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