Four Games Lane Will Play Too Much of in 2012

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Words can't describe how much I'm looking forward to this.

Hold on to your wallets, everyone.

A new year brings a host of new video game titles. As much as I’d like to quit my job and play games all day, I have to tend to pesky things like buying groceries and keeping the power on. As such, I have to prioritize my gaming time and budget. Some games will get pushed off until their price drops, or until Steam runs one of their crazy sales where they discount the price by some absurd amount*. Other games, however, have made it onto my Must Purchase and Play list.


Four titles in particular are going to be day-one purchases. To the jump!

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First 50 pages of Darth Plagueis

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Del Rey has done it again. Today they posted a massive preview for James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis. You can read the first 50 pages for free on Suvudu. Just click here and enjoy.

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After surviving its close encounter with our bright star, Lovejoy, the sun grazing comet, blazed a trail across southern skies at the end of December.  Lucky for us it did, and even luckier that Stephane Guisard caught Lovejoy’s trip above the Andes on time lapse video (thanks to Discovery Magazine online).  The comet is over 100 million kilometers from earth in this video and its tail is millions of  kilometers long.  That milky cluster of stars just off to the right of the comet?  That’s our very own Milky Way galaxy.  The reason we can see it from Earth is because we’re way out on one of the galaxy’s spiral arms, and we can look back towards its center.

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Review: Star Wars: The Old Republic Explorer’s Guide

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Star Wars: The Old Republic is taking the gaming market by storm. For online gamers, this is a time of hardcore, zombified gaming where everything else ceases to exist. Food? Sleep? Overrated. It’s game time!

However, not all Star Wars fans plan on getting into the game. Yet SWTOR is a major event plugging up a gap in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and as a dedicated Star Wars reader, I can’t help but want to learn as much as I can about the story and lore revolving around the upcoming game. Continue Reading Review: Star Wars: The Old Republic Explorer’s Guide

Around the Web

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On Syfy Merlin’s fourth season premieres tonight at 9 PM Eastern with The Darkest Hour Part I.  As usual, Morgana is up to her old tricks.

As well January 11th sees the beginning of  season 2 of Faceoff on Syfy.  If you’re at all into movie magic, this is a show worth catching.

Movies premiering this weekend include Beneath the Darkness with Dennis Quaid.  Quaid plays a mortician living in a funeral home with a woman’s corpse for a roommate.  A group of high schoolers — including Friday Night Lights Aimee Teegarten — attempt to expose him with murderous results.

And if you just can’t get enough of demonic possession done in lost footage style, there’s The Devil Inside.

If you don’t feel like watching TV or seeing a movie this weekend, here’s some free reads you can take advantage of:

On his official website , George R.R. Martin has released an excerpt from The Winds of Winter, Book 6  of the Song of  Fire and Ice series.  Since the author expressly forbids any reproduction without his written permission, we can’t provide a sample here but you can click on the link we provided to read the excerpt.

Have a Kindle? Thanks to Entertainment Weekly online, you can download some free classics onto it. The list includes classic mystery authors Wilkie Collins and Arthur Conan Doyle, perennial classics favorites Jane Austin and the wit of Mark Twain.

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Final Excerpt from Darth Plagueis

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Star Wars Books has posted the final excerpt from James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis which comes out Tuesday.

“That is most welcome news,” Sidious said into the device, as if in a daze. “I didn’t expect this . . . A good choice, I think . . . I am certain of it, Supreme Chancellor . . . Yes, I’m sure she meant every word of it.”

“What now?” Plagueis asked the moment Palpatine broke the connection.

Sidious shook his head in disbelief. “Valorum somehow managed to persuade the Council to send two Jedi to Naboo.”

You can check out all the previous excerpts here: mini-excerpt #1, #2, #3, #4, and chapter 1, #5, #6, #7, bonus excerpt, and the audio excerpt.

And don’t forget, we are giving a way a free copy of Darth Plagueis on Tuesday. For a chance to win just make sure you are following us on Twitter and mention the Darth Plagueis giveaway.

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The Guns of Kelrodo-Ai by Jason Fry

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As previously reported, Star Wars author Jason Fry is writing a short story that ties into the upcoming Essential Guide to Warfare. Beforehand we didn’t know what the story would be called, but now we know: The Guns of Kelrodo-Ai. The story will star Shea Hublin, who nicely ties in with one of the previews Star Wars Books posted from The Essential Guide to Warfare.

Still no word on the title for Jeff Grubb’s upcoming short story.

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