The Best Star Wars Books of 2011

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Looking back at 2011, Star Wars readers had quite a few novels to choose from with no less than eight brand new books. From John Jackson Miller’s first Star Wars novel Knight Errant way back in January, to Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff’s latest collaboration, Shadow Games, in November.  We polled the Roqoo Depot staff to see what book they thought was the best last year, and what book they’re looking forward to this year. Not everyone was in agreement, and it was interesting to see the varying opinions.

JohnFish (Forum Admin)

My favorite Star Wars book of 2011 was The Old Republic: Revan. I really liked that it was more like the real world and not so black and white. The heroes were a Sith who was not as evil and basically a gray Jedi in Revan. Revan, overall, has had one of the most intriguing and influential lives in all of the EU, and I look forward to the continuation of his story.

I am most looking forward to Apocalypse.  I think that Ascension set up for it really well and I can’t wait to see how it is all resolved.  Also a book that takes this long to come out had better knock my socks off to be worth the wait.

Lane Winree (Writer)

I would have to go with Choices of One by Timothy Zahn. If an editor at LFL or Del Rey were to ask me what I’d like to see from the Expanded Universe moving forward, I’d point to this book. It was a fun, gripping adventure that stayed thematically and tonally true to the source material in the films. I found it to be a very welcome change of pace from the gritty and darker stories we’ve seen in the EU over the last six or seven years.

Honorable mention: Conviction by Aaron Allston for many of the same reasons.

Most Anticipated 2012 Novel: X-Wing: Mercy Kill by Aaron Allston. Thirteen years between X-Wing novels was about twelve years too many.

Corax (Writer)

For me it would have to be Ascension without a doubt. A close runner up would be Riptide. Mainly because what that novel revealed changes the game for everything that Jaden appeared in before and after the novel.

Most Anticipated: Apocalypse.

Dancelittleewok (Publicist)

Riptide was quite a daring, thrilling novel.  Paul S. Kemp wound up the tension until the corkscrew ending finally pops, and Jaden’s  identity is revealed.  Riptide challenged my views and the EU as a whole.  Riptide had guts.

I’m anticipating John Jackson Miller’s Lost Tribe of the Sith: Collected Stories. I’ve read all seven eBooks on my Kindle.  While it’s strange to anticipate a book I’ve partially read,  I hope that the Lost Tribe of the Sith anthology will be exposed to a whole new audience who can enjoy these stories as much as I have.  

Synlah (Admin)

Riptide was like a breath of fresh air in the EU. I thought Kemp was very original with both characters and story, and his fleshing out of Jaden Korr was very, very interesting. He put a different spin on a old, familiar universe and managed a unique story in the process. But the fact that Riptide left me wanting more about Jaden and crew is for me the most telling factor. In this case, a writer leaving you wanting more is a very good thing.

My most anticipated novel for 2012 is Apocalypse. I have a feeling…

Skuldren (Admin)

Out of all the Star Wars books I read this year, two of them stood out from all of the rest. Paul S. Kemp’s Riptide was an explosive little story that really packed a wallop for its size. It provided not only an exciting story, but some fun intellectual threads that gave readers a lot to think about. Yet as much as I liked Riptide, I have to give props to John Jackson Miller for Knight Errant. For John’s first novel, he really hit it home for me. It starred a Jedi who was unconventional and unlike the typical Jedi that we see in other stories. The villains were a wild mix of extremely eccentric Sith, and there was an enjoyable, non-Force sensitive side character to boot. Both Riptide and Knight Errant were great stories. If forced to choose, I’d say Knight Errant is my favorite. I’m a huge fan of villains and Knight Errant had a lot to choose from, but Lord Daiman, self-proclaimed creator of the universe, takes the cake.

For this new year, the book I’m looking forward to most is Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse. The final book in any good series always creates a lot of hype and anticipation. I’m a fan of the Fate of the Jedi series, and can’t wait to see how Denning wraps it up.

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