The Prima Games TOR Talent Calculator: A Quick Guide and Review

December 22, 2011 at 4:26 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous | 1 Comment

One of the trickier (and nerve wracking) parts about The Old Republic is building your character’s skill tree. What’s the best way to lay out your available skill points to best navigate through the tree? How many points will I have left over if I go through this route? If you back yourself into a corner, you’re either stuck or you’re going to wind up shelling out credits to start over. It would be awfully nice to simulate your way through the skill tree and, thankfully, Prima Games has provided a very useful free tool to help you do just that.

The Talent Calculator is a relatively simple and intuitive tool. Simply select your class and specialization and you arrive at a screen that looks like this:


Look familiar? This would be identical to the in-game skill tree.

From here, you can map out all of the points available to a class-50 character. For my scoundrel, I wanted to chart a path to maximizing my ability to play the role of healer. Specifically, I wanted to find a quick path to unlocking the very useful Kolto Cloud ability.

Simply clicking on an attribute allows me to spend a theoretical point. Here’s the result of one possible pathway taken:

You can see that I’d need to hit level 40 to achieve the healer attributes I’m gunning for. This is great to know, because now I can plan out what I’d want to spend those ten additional points on. I want to bulk up some of my combat abilities for solo missions:

I’ve now got a complete map to creating a skilled healer that has some competency at ranged combat. With a registered user account, you can save this template into the Prima database for later reference.

Finally, another very nice feature the Prima Talent Calculator provides is the ability to look at the saved skill templates of other players, complete with user-sourced rankings. Perhaps you’re not quite up to building your own skill tree yet and are looking for some tips and hints. The Build Archive provides a sortable list of pre-built trees that you can reference or copy attribute-for-attribute.

The Prima Games TOR Talent Calculator is a free online tool available on their website here

Written by Lane for Roqoo Depot

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  1. Good catch, there are definitely some calculators that have not been kept up to date with the latest patch. One way to tell is to look up the patch note changes for any one class, and see if a any changed-talent tooltip matches up with the patch note documentation.

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