MIT Camera Captures Speed of Light

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MIT News reports that researchers at the famed institute of technology have created an imaging system with one trillion exposures per second — effectively taking images of the speed of light.  They used a streak camera to do so, in a new way, but it’s a painstaking process that takes an hour of effort just to get that billionth of a second of light viewable.   That’s why researchers have dubbed it the “world’s slowest fastest camera”.

You can read all about it in detail here, or just view the video below.

Age of Legend Release Date Moves Forward

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The upcoming World of Warhammer anthology Age of Legend will now be released on December 27th. This anthology will include a short story by Star Wars author Paul S. Kemp called “A Small Victory.” The anthology will be available in both print and digital formats, and you can even by the individual stories separately as eBooks if you just want to get a specific story. The book is available from The Black Library, and if you just want to get “A Small Victory,” you can order it here. The anthology is also available on other retail sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble (although the individual eBooks are only available from The Black Library).

Thanks to Paul for the heads up.

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New Info on 20th Anniversary Editon of Dark Force Rising

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Timothy Zahn posted an update on his Facebook page with some news from Shell Shapiro.

It is now probable that next year will *not* see a special edition of DFR. However, she does leave open the possibility that if there’s a groundswell of sales on the Heir 20th, it’s *possible* that the Higher-Ups at Del Rey will reverse that decision.

So the bad news is that there’s no plans for a 20th Anniversary Edition of Dark Force Rising. The good news is: you can do something about. If you haven’t bought the 20th Anniversary Edition of Heir to the Empire, now is the time.

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New Release: Star Wars Insider #130

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Star Wars Insider #130 is out today. The 100 page issue includes interviews with TCW voice actor Dee Bradley Baker, and Animation Supervisor Keith Kellog, SWTOR Senior Creative Director James Ohlen, and much more. It also includes the brand new short story “The Tenebrous Way” by Matthew Stover. You can check out all the details on Star Wars Insider’s official site.

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‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ goes live

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Star Wars: The Old Republic goes live today for those who pre-ordered. According to SWTOR’s Facebook page, the early access emails will be heading out in waves throughout the day, so keep an eye on your inbox.

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