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Ender’s Game update: Legendary actor Ben Kingsley is in talks to join the cast.  He joins the growing list which includes Harrison Ford and Hailee Steinfeld.

As reported in a Hollywood Reporter, exclusive 20th Century Fox is in final negotiations for the scifi animated short Rosa.  Creator Jesus Orellana would direct the live action feature length film.

According to Vulture, Marion Cotillard has been offered the role of Morgana in the Warner Bros. film Arthur and Lancelot.  Cotillard starred in last year’s Inception and this year’s Contagion as well as next year’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Worth checking out: Syfy Blastr’s article about why men don’t give a damn about Breaking Dawn Part 2.

On, you can read their interview with Dark Knight Rises director, Christopher Nolan.

Weekend movie releases: A Dangerous Method, New Year’s Eve, The Sitter, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, W.E., Young Adult.

And if you absolutely haven’t gotten enough of Kristen Stewart yet, you can check out a trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman on Hollywood Life.

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Star Wars Interviews Round-Up

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Catching up on some Star Wars interviews we missed, there’s a few with comic writer John Ostrander covering his new series Agent of the Empire. John reveals the action will kick off in the Corporate Sector and provides some general info on the feel of the series in an interview with Nerd World News. In another interview with Angry Koala Gear, John covers some broader ground with his influences, his favorite comics, his favorite Star Wars character, and he touches on Agent of the Empire and Dawn of the Jedi. Although the interview warns of spoilers, there weren’t any to be wary of. There is one last interview John did with TORSyndicate in the form of a podcast which you can listen to here. The podcast interview covers a lot of territory, but doesn’t delve into Agent of the Empire too much. Continue Reading Star Wars Interviews Round-Up…

Top Ten Non-Force Sensitive Expanded Universe Characters

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I dare you to tell these two they aren't important because they're not Force sensitive.

A few months ago, I posed a question to my Twitter followers (You can find me with the handle @LaneWinree /shamelessplug): who is your favorite expanded universe character?  There were a lot of responses for the Solo spawn, Ganner Rhysode, Kyle Katarn, Revan, Mara Jade. It dawned on me pretty quickly that the vast majority of the responses had something in common: they were either Jedi or Sith. They had some kind of connection to the Force. That’s understandable, there’s been a lot of stories written about the Jedi.  Then the little contrarian part of my brain lit up. Sure, there’s a lot of stories about Jedi and Sith, but there’s just as many tales about non Force-sensitive characters. Tales about characters who are just as important to the fabric of the EU.

And with that, I was committed to the most hallowed of blog posts: the Top Ten List.

Continue Reading Top Ten Non-Force Sensitive Expanded Universe Characters…

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