Newsarama Interview with John Jackson Miller

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Newsarama scored an interview with Star Wars comic writer John Jackson Miller and discussed his upcoming series Knights of the Old Republic: War. John talks about a new Jedi named Dorjander Kace, the return of Zayne Carrick, some in depth info on Mandalorians, and one we can expect to see in issue #1.

Miller: As our story opens, a few weeks have elapsed since the previous series ended. Assuming that his adventures were over, he decided to take a breather by visiting his family on his homeworld of Phaeda. Unfortunately, he never even gets out of the spaceport there — as induction agents identify him, correctly, as eligible to be drafted into Phaeda’s militia. He isn’t a Jedi, and he is a citizen.

Now, the Republic doesn’t have a proper army in this period; the Grand Army of the Republic comes a lot later, with Palpatine. Rather, it relies heavily on member and allied planets, like Phaeda, to provide its ground-pounders. Carth Onasi from the video games started his storied career with his planet’s militia; Zayne, unfortunately, gets into the wrong end of the business — the infantry!

And that’s where we find Zayne as the story opens: hitting the beach with his fellow soldiers during the first attack, serving with the forces attached to Jedi Master Dorjander Kace. Zayne doesn’t have a friend in sight; he’s completely on his own, and forced to rely on his own skills and judgment. Because he is alone, we’ll learn more about Jarael and other familiar cast members as we go along. But a familiar face isn’t necessarily a friendly one, as Zayne also finds!

Be sure to check out the full interview here.

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