MTV Interviews The Clone Wars‘ Tom Kane

December 5, 2011 at 2:12 pm | Posted in Interview, Star Wars News, Television, The Clone Wars | 1 Comment

Over on, Matt Murray interviewed The Clone Wars voice actor Tom Kane. Tom is the voice for Yoda, and in the interview, he reveals that he’s been doing the voice of Yoda for over 15 years. From video games to TV, Tom shares how he got started in the business. There’s some pretty neat stuff in the interview, for instance Tom routinely doubles for a few well known actors in Hollywood…

“I’ve occasionally done ADR work for Anthony Hopkins,” he reveals. “Actually, the most common reason that they’ll hire someone like me to imitate a celebrity is because they want something for a movie trailer… They’ll have me re-create the same line, or sometimes a line that doesn’t exist in the movie, because Anthony Hopkins is not going to come in and do that. So, they hire someone like me. There’s a few of us in town that do various celebrities.“

Another celebrity that Kane routinely “doubles” may come as a surprise to some people: “I’m Morgan Freeman… I did some of the behind the scenes stuff on March of the Penguins… dialogue for Wanted trailer stuff. Again, the celebrity is not going to come in and do part of a line for a trailer.”

Be sure to check out the full interview here.

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