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Over on Syfy, they’re doing their Christmas week countdown.  Kicking things off on Saturday December 3 is the Syfy original movie, Snowmageddon.  I may have to give that watch just because of the title, and well, it’s a Syfy original movie.  You know how those are.  Sunday and Monday, December 4 and 5, you can catch the movie Neverland, a prequel to Peter Pan.  Holiday episodes include Eureka and Warehouse 13, Tuesday, December 6.

And if you’re into Steampunk, they have a fantastic gift guide.

Syfy also reports that while Walking Dead did well in last week’s ratings, Terra Nova slumped.  The Clones Wars manage to hold its own.

Geek Tyrant reports that True Grit star, Hailee Steinfeld, is in negotiations to play of Petra Arkanian in Ender’s Game.  As well, Harrison Ford may get the role of Colonel Hyrum Graff.

Check out the Disney/John Carter movie site for just released images from the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic.

According to Stargate Solutions Canadian SG-1 fans will get to see Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson) in a new series.  It’s not straight-up scifi, but there is a bit of twist.  In Saving Hope,  Shanks plays comatose chief of surgery Charlie Harris who wanders the halls in spirit form.  Sounds Daniel Jackson-ish to me.  SG-1 alum Erica Durance co-stars as Harris’ fiance, Alex Reid.

And continuing along the trend of adult-ifying children’s fairy tales, EW has an interview with Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters costars, Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton.  In case you haven’t heard of this movie, it’s the story of what happens when two kids, who are nearly eaten by a witch, grow up.  Yeah, I’d probably go hunting witches too.

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