Club Jade Interviews Catherine Taber from TCW

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Over on Club Jade, Jawajames interviewed voice actress Catherine Taber. Catherine is the voice actress for Padmé on The Clone Wars, and has also done voice work for the upcoming video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The interview delves into Catherine’s role as Padmé in TCW, as well as the other characters she’d one on the show.

James: Periodically, you also get to voice other characters on the show, from a child to a Nightsister to a tactical droid – what are some of your favorite moments with those characters?

Catherine: I loved playing Numa, the young Twi’lek in ‘Innocents of Ryloth’. I just love that whole script and I have a personal affinity for Twi’leks, I seem to play them a lot! And Karis the Nightsister, is just a badass. I don’t often play characters on the darker side. And before those episodes Dave was like, “I have something really cool coming up for you….”. He was right!

It also covers her character Vette in SWTOR, her previous work as Mission Vao in KOTOR, and her charity organization Games for Soldiers. Click her to read the interview, it’s well worth checking out, especially for TCW and game fans.

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