Darth Plagueis Mini-excerpt #3

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Star Wars Books has posted a third mini-excerpt for Darth Plagueis.

“What?” Plagueis asked himself. “What topic has summoned such an earnest look to Qui-Gon’s face, and such confused urgency in the boy?” Lifting his face from the macrobinoculars, he stretched out with the Force and fell victim to an assault of perplexing images: ferocious battles in deep space; the clashing of lightsabers; partitions of radiant light; a black-helmeted cyborg rising from a table . . .

You can follow our link to the Star Wars Books Facebook page and comment.

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Science News: Amazing View of the Milky Way

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This stunningly gorgeous image of our own galaxy was photographed by skywatcher Tunc Tezel on Mangaia, Cook Islands.  Tezel, there to watch a solar eclipse, took advantage of the opportunity and captured this prize-winning photo.

So how is it possible to get a photo of our galaxy from our galaxy?  According to Popsci, Tezel could do it because Earth is way out on one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way (we’re a spiral galaxy, by the way, just like the GFFA).  Our galaxy is 100,000 light years across and with our sun about 26,000 light years from the galactic center, we can look back towards the center and see a lot of our own galaxy.  Gives a new spin to living on the fringes.

That bigger mass over there on the left of the image is the galactic core.  Sagitttarius and Scorpius are there as well as Alpha and Beta Centauri, the Southern Cross and the Coalsack nebula.

It really is a beautiful universe, isn’t it?

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Club Jade Interviews Catherine Taber from TCW

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Over on Club Jade, Jawajames interviewed voice actress Catherine Taber. Catherine is the voice actress for Padmé on The Clone Wars, and has also done voice work for the upcoming video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The interview delves into Catherine’s role as Padmé in TCW, as well as the other characters she’d one on the show.

James: Periodically, you also get to voice other characters on the show, from a child to a Nightsister to a tactical droid – what are some of your favorite moments with those characters?

Catherine: I loved playing Numa, the young Twi’lek in ‘Innocents of Ryloth’. I just love that whole script and I have a personal affinity for Twi’leks, I seem to play them a lot! And Karis the Nightsister, is just a badass. I don’t often play characters on the darker side. And before those episodes Dave was like, “I have something really cool coming up for you….”. He was right!

It also covers her character Vette in SWTOR, her previous work as Mission Vao in KOTOR, and her charity organization Games for Soldiers. Click her to read the interview, it’s well worth checking out, especially for TCW and game fans.

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Princess Leah FanDays Helmet Auction now signed by George Lucas!

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501st Legion trooper TK-6273, part of the Terror Australis Garrison, created two helmets to auction off for the Princess Leah charity. With the help of The Clone Wars voice actor Stephen Stanton, these helmets have been signed by various Star Wars celebrities and guests including Stephen Stanton, Dave Filoni, Tom Kane, Rick Fitts, Stephen Sansweet, Seth Green, and many others.

Those “many others” now include the maker himself George Lucas! If you’ve got deep pockets and would like to help a good cause, head on over to the auctions and place your bid. There are still 4 days left on both auctions.

Link to Commando Helmet auction. Link to Clone Trooper Helmet auction.

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John Jackson Miller Autographed Goods

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If you’re still trying to think of some good ideas for Star Wars Christmas gifts, you might want to take a look at John Jackson Miller’s site. John has a number of autographed comics and books available for your holiday shopping. From his Knight Errant novel to Knights of the Old Republic TPBs, he has a little something for everyone. Click here to check out the list and pricing. John also wrote up a post on the autographed material that includes some more details on availability and shipping which you can read here.

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Excerpt #2 for Paul S. Kemp’s The Hammer and the Blade

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Author Paul S. Kemp has posted a second excerpt for his upcoming novel The Hammer and the Blade.

“And who’s going to teach it? This priest?”

“Don’t kill him,” Nix said to Egil.

“Ha!” the man said. “There’s four of us and—“

The smack of Egil’s backhand across the man’s cheek nearly knocked him to his knees. The onlookers gasped, even Tesha. Snarling, red-faced from shame and the blow, the man reached for the hilt of his blade as his three companions did the same.

Click here to read the full excerpt. You can also check out the first excerpt here. The Hammer and the Blade will be out on June 26, 2012. Pre-orders are available for the paperback on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Suvudu Interviews Shadow Games Co-author Michael Reaves

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Suvudu posted an interview with Shadow Games co-author Michael Reaves. The interview covers a range of questions including the origin of geeks, Michael’s television career and work with Dungeon & Dragons, Batman, his favorite comics, Megadeth, Steve Perry, and of course Star Wars. It’s a good sized interview that covers a lot of ground.

Black Sun plays a significant role in Shadow Games. They’re bad, bad guys, and I always found the idea that you could have this very “human” kind of evil alongside the spiritual evil of the Dark Side of the Force an interesting contrast. As a writer, how do you handle portraying these two kinds of evil?

To me they’re not all that different. I don’t believe in evil as an abstraction. As far as I’m concerned (and until I am told differently in a tone I can’t ignore), the Force is sui generis. It’s beyond the labeling of good and evil, because I’ve always felt that “The Devil made me do it” is a cop-out. There’s room for discussion about differences in scale (the “Living Force” vs. the “Cosmic Force”), but ultimately the Force is just the Force. -Michael Reaves

You can read the full interview here.

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