‘The Complete Vader’ Live Chat with Ryder Windham and Pete Vilmur

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Star Wars Books will be hosting another live chat, this time with The Complete Vader authors Ryder Windham and Pete Vilmur. The chat will be on November 1st at 3:30 EST (2:30 CST). You can view the announcement here, and they have also created an event for it.

If you haven’t attended one of the Facebook live chats yet, all you need to do is head on over to Star Wars Books’ Facebook page at the time it’s schedule to start. There will be a post for the live chat and it will be conducted through the comments. If you click on the time stamp for the live chat post, it’ll open up in a new screen (this will help when refreshing). The event will kick off with an introduction with the authors and then it’s up to the fans where it heads from there. Continue Reading ‘The Complete Vader’ Live Chat with Ryder Windham and Pete Vilmur…

New Look at The Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual

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Thanks to Pete at LightsaberRattling.com, we’ve got a heads up that BookDepository.com has posted a 10 page preview of the upcoming Star Wars: The Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual. They also have a contest to win a Lego Millennium Falcon, and pre-orders for the hardcover (although both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have it listed cheaper right now). You can click here to check out their page and click “Download extract” to see the page previews.

Star Wars: The Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual will be out on January 31, 2012.

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Happy Birthday, Jan Duursema

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Today Roqoo Depot wishes a very happy birthday to comic artist Jan Duursema! Jan has done comic work for a lot of series, including Star Wars. From Star Wars Tales, to Republic, to Legacy, and now the upcoming Dawn of the Jedi, Jan has done some tremendous looking covers and interior panels. She’s simply one of the best Star Wars comic artists out there. Along with her wonderful art, she’s created characters like Aayla Secura, Quinlan Vos, and Cade Skywalker. If you’d like to find out more about Jan, you can check out her official website. Feel free to stop by her message board or her Facebook page and wish her a happy birthday.

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Earth Says, “I Got A Little Cooked But I’m OK.”

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Stop worrying about the monsters under the bed. If you’re worried an asteroid of some sort will hit the Earth with an extinction level impact, buck up. It turns out the sun could kill us all much sooner if it has a mind to. The Elenin Comet everyone was all hot and bothered about earlier this year as it worked its way through our solar system broke up a few million miles from the sun last week and died with a whimper. The same sun that fried poor Elenin then celebrated by spitting up its leftovers at us. Continue Reading Earth Says, “I Got A Little Cooked But I’m OK.”…

Book Review: The Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn

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Combine one part chase film, one part murder mystery, one part science fiction noir, and the result is the engrossing Icarus Hunt  by Timothy Zahn. Chances are most of you reading this are familiar with Zahn’s work in the Star Wars fandom* (given that we’re a heavily Star Wars themed blog). Those novels are well loved by fans, but a cursory survey – by which I mean a quick question to my Twitter followers – reveals that many of you are less familiar with his non-Star Wars works. Until a few months ago, I was in that category as well. Given how much I’ve loved his works in that fandom, I figured it was high time I gave some of his original novels a shot.

*If you’re not familiar with his work, your homework is to go get yourself a copy of Heir to the Empire, preferably the 20th anniversary edition, and put it on your reading list. It’s on NPR’s Top 100 List of Science Fiction Novels, after all.  

Let me say, I should have done this sooner, because it lead me to the brilliant Icarus Hunt.

Continue Reading Book Review: The Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn…

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