Suvudu Interviews Riptide author Paul S. Kemp

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Suvudu has posted an interview with Star Wars: Riptide author Paul S. Kemp. The questions range from the characters to aspects of time travel in Crosscurrent, and they even ask a few questions eerily similar to our own interview.

Khedryn reminds me a lot of Han Solo, and I somehow doubt this was an accident. What were your sources of inspiration, whether real-world or GFFA, for the characters of Khedryn and Marr?

The Han comparison is fair, though I think any rakish character on the edge of the law who appears in the EU is inevitably going to remind folks of Han.  I think we’re all a bit too ready to see that comparison, though, and its prevalence probably speaks more to the power of Han-as-archetype than anything else.

It’s honestly hard for me to go back and figure out from where I particular character sprang.  Khedryn has some Captain Mal from Firefly in him certainly, and the dynamic between Khedryn and Marr has a bit of a parallel in various buddy films/books.

I regard Khedryn a scrappy, impulsive, hardscrabble underdog, and Marr as the reserved, gifted brains of the outfit, the Yin to Khedryn’s Yang.

You can check out the full interview here.

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