New Excerpt from Drew Karpyshyn’s ‘Revan’

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has posted an excerpt from the upcoming novel Revan on their Facebook page.

Scourge finally understood why Nyriss and the others wanted to take the Emperor down. Destroying your enemies— even destroying a planet— was understandable. But this wasn’t simple destruction. It was annihilation; obliteration. The very fabric of the Force had been shredded. Anyone capable of turning an entire planet into a nihilistic abomination had to be completely mad.

You can check out their post here. Revan will be released on November 15, 2011. Previous Excerpts: mini-#1, mini-#2, chapter 1

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Suvudu Interviews Riptide author Paul S. Kemp

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Suvudu has posted an interview with Star Wars: Riptide author Paul S. Kemp. The questions range from the characters to aspects of time travel in Crosscurrent, and they even ask a few questions eerily similar to our own interview.

Khedryn reminds me a lot of Han Solo, and I somehow doubt this was an accident. What were your sources of inspiration, whether real-world or GFFA, for the characters of Khedryn and Marr?

The Han comparison is fair, though I think any rakish character on the edge of the law who appears in the EU is inevitably going to remind folks of Han.  I think we’re all a bit too ready to see that comparison, though, and its prevalence probably speaks more to the power of Han-as-archetype than anything else.

It’s honestly hard for me to go back and figure out from where I particular character sprang.  Khedryn has some Captain Mal from Firefly in him certainly, and the dynamic between Khedryn and Marr has a bit of a parallel in various buddy films/books.

I regard Khedryn a scrappy, impulsive, hardscrabble underdog, and Marr as the reserved, gifted brains of the outfit, the Yin to Khedryn’s Yang.

You can check out the full interview here.

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Star Wars Insider #129: “A Fair Trade” by Paul S. Kemp

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Star Wars Insider #129 hits stores today. Among all the cool articles and features is an original short story by Paul S. Kemp. “A Fair Trade” takes place before both Crosscurrent and Riptide, and features the spacers Khedryn Faal and Marr Idi-Shael. You can check out a small preview of the story, plus some images of Khedryn, Marr, and their ship, Junker, here on Star Wars Insider’s official webpage.

You can also get a free preview of the issue via

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Interview with Riptide author Paul S. Kemp

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In order to kick start the release of Star Wars: Riptide, we interviewed Paul S. Kemp to pick his mind on a range of topics. From his non-Star Wars works to Riptide, the questions vary in subject matter and do include a few spoiler questions. However, the spoiler questions have been placed at the very end of the interview for those who are avoiding spoilers and there’s a nice warning to give you a heads up. Without further ado, here is our Star Wars author interview with Paul S. Kemp.

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New Release: Au Revoir Crazy European Chick by Joe Screiber

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Joe Schreiber, author of Death Troopers and Red Harvest, breaks out of the horror genre with Au Revoir Crazy European Chick, a fast paced, action-suspense story that will keep you entertained from start to finish. The hardcover novel hits stores today and you can read our full review of the book here.

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Book Review: ‘Riptide’

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Today Star Wars: Riptide hits stores. Written by Paul S. Kemp, author of Star Wars: Crosscurrent and The Old Republic: Deceived, the new novel is available in both paperback and digital formats. We also have two reviews available for readers to help celebrate its release. First off, I give my opinion of the novel here. Secondly we have our first trifecta review for three times the viewing pleasure in which Synlah, Corax, and I all weigh in on the novel and its accomplishments. Keep in mind our reviews do contain spoilers.

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