Exclusive Excerpt #2 from Star Wars: Riptide

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Paul S. Kemp has posted an exclusive excerpt from his upcoming novel Riptide. This 8 page excerpt is in addition to the previous 4 page excerpt posted by Suvudu. Riptide comes out October 25 in paperback and digital formats. It is the sequel to Crosscurrent and picks up on Jedi Jaden Korr’s hunt for the mad Force sensitive clones. Having already started reading the novel, I can say that it has some very cool horror elements to it that are perfect for this time of year. There is also a lot of though provoking ideas touched upon, and some very crafty character angles, especially from the One Sith.

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Cool Find: Custom Scout Trooper PC Case

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If you’re a member of the 501st, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have one of these. This is easily one of the coolest Star Wars themed PC cases out there. As part of a Dutch contest to customize stock Corsair 600T PC cases into works of art, creators made some pretty inventive desings. Of course the Star Wars one won, and for good reason: it’s awesome! Created by Nada, the case sports a Scout Trooper faceplate, a cool front display, and nice weathering all around.

You can check out the rest of the entries here which range from Call of Duty to fuzzy bunny cases.

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Fan Days “Ask the Authors” with Aaron Allston and Timothy Zahn

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TheForce.Net has posted videos of the full Q&A “Ask the Authors” panel from Fan Days featuring Star Wars authors Aaron Allston and Timothy Zahn. Click here to check out all the videos.

Aaron Allston and Timothy Zahn at Fan Days in Irving, TX.

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Book Review: Doc Sidhe by Aaron Allston

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Aaron Allston’s next Star Wars book won’t be out until summer of 2012, however that doesn’t mean there aren’t any Allston books out there for you to read. Perhaps now is the time to try reading some of Allston’s non-Star Wars books, such as Doc Sidhe. It has the same great humor as his Star Wars books and packs plenty of action with fun characters. Yet Doc Sidhe delivers a brand new world for readers to explore with unfamiliar characters, technology, and unpredictable plot lines. Doc Sidhe presents a place were people can travel between worlds, civilizations that harken back to old myths set in a not so distant past, and a starring character that is like a cross between Chuck Norris and Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Click here to read the full review.

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