New Excerpt from Star Wars: Revan

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Star Wars Books has posted a mini excerpt from Drew Karpyshyn’s upcoming Star Wars novel Revan.

“I should have guessed it was you.”

Revan rose from his chair to face the speaker. She wore the robes of a Jedi Archivist, though she was in fact a Jedi Master. She was young for the position, but her hair was platinum white. She had cold blue eyes, and a pale complexion that spoke of a life spent inside the Archives, sheltered from the sun.

“Atris,” Revan said, silently cursing.

Star Wars: Revan will be released on November 15. You can check out the mini excerpt here on Star Wars Book’s Facebook page, and there was a recent release of an audio excerpt from the Revan audiobook you can check out as well.

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New Star Wars Authors and New Short Story: Maze Run

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Star Wars Books has announced that some new authors are about to get inducted into the Expanded Universe. Authors David J. Williams and Mark Williams have written an upcoming short story for Star Wars Insider called “Maze Run.” The story will appear in the January 25, 2012 issue of Insider. According to Erich Schoeneweiss (editor at Del Rey) the story is a “really cool classic Han & Chewie adventure aboard the Millennium Falcon, in fact the old girl is really the star of the story. A very fun read.” The late January release coincides with the early February release of the Millennium Falcon’s Owner’s Workshop Manual. You can check out the announcement here (note check the comments for the additional details).

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Return of the Ewok

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The year 1983 was a wonderful time during May. That was the month Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi was released. But before ROTJ was made, little did the eagerly anticipating fans know that there was another. Always two, there are in the Star Wars mythos. In order to help promote the upcoming finale of the Star Wars series, David Tomblin and Warwick Davis created something very special, and it was called…RETURN OF THE EWOK!

Yes, that Ewok is only 15, but give him a sharp stick and he’ll eat you.

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