Listen to The Old Republic: Revan now

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Random House Audio has released an audio excerpt for The Old Republic: Revan narrated by voice actor Marc Thompson.

Amnesiac Revan and his trusted ship Ebon Hawk arrive to some unexpected trouble as they exit hyperspace.

The Old Republic: Revan goes on sale November 15, 2011.

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Aaron Allston’s Movie Picks

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Star Wars author Aaron Allston has a great sense of humor in his novel, and it seems he has an equally wicked sense of humor when it comes to movies. On his blog he posted a list of ten obscure movie recommendations that range from horror to comedy, modern and old. Each movie has a run down on the cast and Allston’s thoughts on each film. To be honest I’ve only seen one movie on his list, The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, though I’ve heard of some of the others. Just like Allston mentioned, Peter Cushing is in it and it’s a combination of Seven Samurai and Horror of Dracula. It wasn’t exactly a good movie, but it was definitely strange and something that you’ll remember.  So if you’ve got a Netflix account or you’re just looking for some rental ideas, head on over to Allston’s blog and check out his movie picks.

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Geek Native Interview with Kevin J. Anderson

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Geek Native conducted an interview with former Star Wars author Kevin J. Anderson last Friday covering the recent re-release of Captain Nemo: The Fantastic Adventures of a Dark Genius. The new release features a new cover as well as Kevin’s “preferred text.”

Q1. For Geek Native readers tempted to pick up a copy of Captain Nemo can you give us an author led insight into the lure of the book?

CAPTAIN NEMO is for anyone who’s ever been captivated by the magic and imagination of Jules Verne: balloon voyages, mysterious islands, sub-marine boats, at a time when such things were the purest science fiction. With the popularity of Steampunk, this story becomes much more relevant and intriguing, and I loved describing the fantastic adventures of a character who inspired Jules Verne’s fantastic novels.

Kevin goes on to describe his research into the book, as well as his favorite films and which author he would most like to work with in the future. Click here to read the full interview.

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