Shadow Games Mini-excerpt #3

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Star Wars Books has released mini-excerpt #3 for the upcoming Star Wars novel Shadow Games by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.

Dash folded his arms. “It’s time to come clean, little miss Star Bright. It’s not that this guy likes you too much—it’s that this guy really doesn’t like you. And I’m not real happy myself,” he added. “I don’t like flying backward and blind through an asteroid field, I don’t like facing a rancor with one hand tied behind me, and I don’t like this.”

Shadow Games comes out November 29 in paperback and digital formats.

Mini-excerpt #2
Mini-excerpt #1

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Greg Keyes New Book Lord of Souls

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UPDATE: Nearly missed this – Suvudu also posted a 50 page excerpt from Greg Keyes latest novel which you can read here.

Greg Keyes has a new book out this week called Lord of Souls and it’s out now. Many Star Wars fans will remember Greg Keyes contribution to the NJO era with his three books Conquest, Rebirth, and The Final Prophecy. Lord of Souls is his second Elder Scrolls novel taking place 40 years after the Oblivion crisis and centers around the floating city of Umbriel and it’s undead army. As part of their Take Five promotion series, Suvudu asked Mr. Keyes to share five facts about his latest novel.

When playing Oblivion as research for this book, I was really taken with the city of Anvil. I’m not sure why – it just felt like home.

Be sure to head over to Suvudu to read all five of the interesting facts, including his inspiration for Umriel, tips for poisoning someone, his biggest difficulty with the series, and a rare Southeast Asian fruit that made it into the novel.

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Comic Notes for Knight Errant: Deluge #2 now up

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John Jackson Miller has posted his production notes for Knight Errant: Deluge #2 on his website Faraway Press. As always, I highly recommend checking out John’s production notes as they reveal very insightful information about his work and sometimes just plain fun trivia. You can read the notes here. Don’t miss out.

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Transcript of Timothy Zahn Live Chat

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Yesterday’s Star Wars Books live Facebook chat with Star Wars author Timothy Zahn was hectic as always but Zahn got quite few answers in amdist the flurry of questions from eager fans. Below you will find a transcript of the live chat with all of Timothy Zahn’s answers to fan questions.  Continue Reading Transcript of Timothy Zahn Live Chat…

Stephen King writes sequel to The Shining

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This week prolific horror writer Stephen King officially announced that he will be writing a sequel to his bestseller The Shining. The new book will entitled Dr. Sleep and will follow Danny Torrance, the child star of the original novel who will now be 40 years old, as he helps elderly patients pass away at a hospice while fending off psychic vampires. Sounds like the perfect blend of fantasy and horror. You can check out a video of Stephen King reading a passage from the upcoming novel here.

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