Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill

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Today Roqoo Depot wishes a very happy birthday to actor Mark Hamill. The man most famously known for his role as Luke Skywalker turns 60 today.

Mark was born in Concord, CA. Growing up he had seven siblings (he was the 4th child): two brothers, and four sisters. His father was a captain in the U.S. Navy, and as a result the family moved around to places like California, Virginia, New York, and Japan. Later in life he attended Los Angeles City College and majored in drama. His early career began with various roles in TV series (his acting debut was on The Bill Cosby Show), some voice acting, and one TV movie, The City. Not long afterwards he got the role of a lifetime as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Interestingly enough it was his friend Robert Englund (famous for playing Freddy Krueger) who encouraged him to try out for the role after his own failed audition.

After the success of Star Wars, Mark focused on theater and starred in plays such as Amadeus and The Elephant Man. He continued with small roles in TV shows, and also developed an extensive list of credits for voice acting. For instance he has done the voice of The Joker in no less than seven different television series (Batman [1992], Superman [1996], The New Batman Adventures [1997], Static Shock [2000], Justice League [2001], Birds of Prey [2002], and Robot Chicken [2005]).

Aside from acting, he has done some work with comics. He is the co-writer of The Black Pearl miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics, and he has written several stories for The Simpsons comics.

Some interesting trivia that I ran across includes the fact that during The Empire Strikes Back, the voice on the PA system that announces “the first transport is away” is actually voiced by Mark Hamill. Mark also still has the boots that Luke Skywalker used in A New Hope. Plus one of his sons had a cameo role in The Phantom Menace as one of the Naboo Royal Guards.[src]

Mark is currently happily married with three children. If you would like to stop by and wish him a happy birthday, feel free to check him out on Twitter.

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