Chicken Little Was Right – The Sky Really Is Falling – UARS

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Hey gang, here’s some fun news for Science Thursday this week. In fact, let me start the whole piece with a kind of a fun little riddle. Ready? Here we go.

What is 20 years old, weighs 6.5 tons, is the size of a school bus, and is going to fall out of the sky on Friday and instantly crush to death anyone unfortunate enough to be standing under it? If you said a space elephant, you were wrong. If you said the UARS satellite launched into orbit in 1991 by our friends at NASA, well then you get a gold star.

If the elephant is scared enough, you'll have plenty of warning.

What is the UARS? (You always ask the best questions) The UARS is the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite. It was launched into orbit in 1991 on the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-48). It’s official mission was to study Earth’s atmosphere and the ozone layer but like all satellites launched in the late 80s and early 90s that had any kind of cameras aboard, it was likely that it was at least a part time spy satellite as well. Continue Reading Chicken Little Was Right – The Sky Really Is Falling – UARS…

Podcast Interview with TCW Stephen Stanton plus Star Wars Author News

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Drew Karpyshyn has updated his website yesterday with his latest news post. Along with his usual humorous comments about his trip to Vegas and his golf game, Drew also goes into detail about page counts and his opinions on them.

The Clone Wars voice actor Stephen Stanton speaks on Star Wars In Character podcast talking about what Peter Cushing films he watched to research Wilhuff Tarkin, his longing to do some more extensive Mas Amedda dialog, working with the other members of the cast, and lots of other various topics including his favorite obscure Star Wars character: Lobot and some of his special affects work in movies like Cliffhanger, Starship Troopers, and Aliens 3.

Kevin J. Anderson will be promoting his new book releases The Monster’s Corner and Captain Nemo in Colorado Springs for a book signing, so wipe off the Jedi Academy Trilogy and head on over for an autograph.

Paul S. Kemp also tweeted an opportunity for any book reviewer websites/bloggers to get an ARC copy of Riptide. You can check out his tweet here to see the details.

Remember Star Wars: Riptide will be out on October 25 in paperback and eBook formats, and The Old Republic: Revan will be on November 15 in hardback and eBook formats.

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