Princess Leia at Dragon*Con

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This past weekend Carrie Fisher appeared on panel at Dragon*Con.  CNN has a great article highlighting why Carrie’s popularity has endured for so long.  She’s witty, irreverent, honest and shares more than a little of the courage her movie counterpart, Princess Leia, possessed.

Fisher is very open about the fact that she has bipolar disorder, and regularly writes and speaks about the topic. Her Dragon*Con panel was no exception.

Multiple fans stood up to say that they, too, suffered from the disorder, and thanked Fisher for her willingness to talk about it. In response, she jokingly apologized to the crowd: “It’s infectious, you know. I’ve created an epidemic of bipolar people.” (In case any fellow con-goers are starting to get worried, it’s not, and she hasn’t.)

“It’s a very good crowd to be in,” she added, taking a drag on an electronic cigarette. “You gotta have balls to be bipolar.”

You can read the entire article here, and learn the 13 things you didn’t know about Carrie.

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NASA Allows You To Explore The Solar System

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For Science Tuesday this week I wanted to share with our readers this incredible new tool from NASA that allows you to explore the solar system using a phenomenal new interactive 3D program. The program is named “Eyes On The Solar System” and allows you to follow all deep space probes launched from Earth. You can pan around the solar system and follow each craft to every planet or moon it has visited. You can observe as the various craft enter or break orbit of each body they visit along the way.

You are required to download and install an additional plug-in for your web browser to use the program. It took me all of a minute to accomplish this simple task and when you begin using the program it becomes evident why the plug-in is necessary. I don’t think the team that built IE8 or Firefox 6 quite had this in mind.

Getting up close and personal with one of my favorite planetary systems.

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New Release: Heir to the Empire 20th Anniversary Edition by Timothy Zahn

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Today the Heir to the Empire 20th Anniversary Edition by Timothy Zahn hits stores in both hardback, eBook, and unabridged audiobook formats. The 20th Anniversary Edition includes the classic story of Heir to the Empire, as well as annotations made by Timothy Zahn and a brand new novella Crisis of Faith, also written by Zahn.

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New Release: The Force Unleashed II by Sean Williams

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The Force Unleashed II, written by Sean Williams, comes out in massmarket paperback today.

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