Dark Horse Star Wars Comics Previews

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Newsarama has posted comic previews for three upcoming Dark Horse Star Wars releases: Dark Times: Out of the Wilderness #2, Invasion: Revelations #3, and The Old Republic: The Lost Suns #4. The previews for Dark Times and Invasion are four pages each, while the The Lost Suns is five pages long. All three are bundled into a 16 page sneak peak issue, or you can click the hyperlinks to jump to the issue you want to read. You can check out all three here.

Revelations #3 comes out 9/14/11, Out of the Wilderness #2 comes out 9/7/11, and The Lost Suns #4 comes out 9/14/11.

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Monday Funny: Tom Taylor and Star Wars Blu-ray Rumors

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With all the discussion about the new changes in the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray Saga, it’s nice to kick back and poke fun at all the fuss. In the last week, no one did it better than comic writer Tom Taylor. The writer for the Star Wars: Invasion comic series put out some Tweets that were just too funny to miss out on, so here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Greedo shoots first… and second… and third. Han dodges every blaster bolt ‘Matrix style.’

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Dragon*Con Live Coverage

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For live coverage of Dracon*Con 2011, please check out our Twitter feed for Lane Winree’s on the spot updates and pictures as well as Lane’s personal Twitter account. We’ll try to post some of the highlights here. Enjoy!

Day 3:

Mythology, Philosophy, & Truth of Star Wars panel with Timothy Zahn and Gary Kurtz

  • Kurtz: We never intended for much of the backstories to be filled.
  • Kurtz: It’s important for the audience to believe in character redemption in stories.
  • Moderator: Star Wars works because it doesn’t stay dark, the hero is ultimately successful. Many modern sci-fi tales fail at this.
  • Nancipants: (Chewie) just stands around and gets ordered around. And then a moon falls on him.
  • Zahn’s response: You’ve been talking to Peter Mayhew again, haven’t you?

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