New Warhammer Short Story by Paul S. Kemp “A Small Victory”

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Paul S. Kemp will have a new short story appearing in an upcoming Warhammer anthology entitled Age of Legend. The anthology is set to be released in January 2012. According to Mr. Kemp “the stories are set in the distant past of the Warhammer world, during the Time of Legends.” Aside from Paul S. Kemp and some seasoned Warhammer writers, Phil Athans will also be writing a short story for the anthology. Like Paul, Phil is a fellow Forgotten Realms writer and is also new to the Warhammer universe, so it will be interesting to see their take on it.

My story is entitled “A Small Victory” and is a very personal tale set in ancient Nehekhara, at a point in time when Nagash’s undead hordes are soon to sweep over the sands.  I think it’s a compelling tale, very dark (as befits a Warhammer story), and I think you’ll dig. I hope you’ll check it out. -Paul S. Kemp

You can see Paul S. Kemp’s full post on the announcement here, on his blog Paul S. Kemp, Fictioneer.

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