Happy Birthday, Steve Perry

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Today Roqoo Depot wishes a very happy birthday to author Steve Perry. Steve wrote Shadows of the Empire and co-wrote MedStar I: Battle Surgeons, MedStar II: Jedi Healer, and Deathstar with Michael Reaves. He also wrote for the Star Wars comics Shadows of the Empire: Evolution and co-wrote the short story MedStar: Intermezzo with Michael Reaves. Steve was born and raised in the deep south. Before becoming a full time writer, he held many jobs including swimming instructor, lifeguard, toy assembler, hotel gift shop and car rental clerk, aluminum salesman, martial arts instructor, private detective, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Certified Physician’s Assistant. He’s also a student of the Javanese martial art Penjak Silat which he has used for the basis of Teras Kasi in his Star Wars novels. He even participated in the largest guitar band ever assembled to be entered into the Guiness Book of World Records.

Aside from Star Wars, he has written for franchises such as Conan, Aliens, and has collaborated with Tom Clancy with the Net Force series. His original series Matador is nine books long with two more on the way. The Matador series covers a rebellion against the interstellar government known as The Confederation which is based on Earth. Like his Star Wars novels, he also includes a fictional martial art which in this case is called sumito. If you would like to learn more about Steve Perry you can visit his official website.

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