Update: It’s Rancor Time!

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Update: IGN has posted more details, skip to the bottom to see the run down.

I’ve always wanted to stomp around as a rancor and eat helpless individuals as they tried in vain to escape my massive. taloned claws…well Kinect Star Wars is going to make that a reality. According to Game Informer, Kinect Star Wars will feature several opportunities to roam around as a rancor with a limited amount of time to cause as much destruction as possible. You can pound the ground to knock down building and can grab people for a quick treat or a convenient smashball. There gameplay experience reports some issues with movement recognition, but they also mentioned promises of other species of rancors to be included in the game, including flying rancors.

Rancor smash!

For those Star Wars fans who have not ventured into the depths of rancor knowledge on Wookieepedia, then let me enlighten you. Beyond the little rancor Jabba the Hutt kept as a pet, there were many subspecies of the beasts including: the gnarled rancor, rancor pygmy, tra’cor (an amphibious rancor with webbed appendages), tyrant rancor, jungle rancor, Chrysalide rancors, and Coloi rancors. Of greatest importance here is the Coloi which were created by Sith Lord Quorlac Fornayh. This guy was featured in a Wizards of the Coast supplement called Shadows of the Force. The Coloi were Sith manifests which had wings and could fly. It’s quite possible these are the flying rancors in the Kinect Star Wars game, unless of course they unleash a new subspecies.

Kinect Star Wars comes out December 31, 2011 (pre-orders are already available).

IGN Update: IGN has posted more details on the Rancor action, as well as info on Pod racing. One thing they touched on was that the final game will include four different rancors including the flying rancor and a giant rancor (a tyrant rancor perhaps?) across four different planets.

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot. Rancor romping rampage, that’s how we roll.

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