The Top 5 Reasons Sharks Rule – A Shark Week Special

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This week Science Thursday happens to be the Thursday of “Shark Week” as ordained by the Discovery Channel. How basic cable stations get to declare an entire week dedicated to a single animal, I don’t know. In the case of shark week, I don’t care.

The reason there is no such thing as a "LOLshark".

Why? Because sharks are the BAMF’s (umm… Biggest And Meanest Fish?) of the sea. When you go swimming at the beach and see the lifeguard running toward the water, you don’t suddenly strain to hear if he is yelling at some teenagers for excessive horseplay. You are listening for one word. “SHARK!” That lifeguard could be yelling at you that the doctor called and said you have a brain tumor and it would be a relief, as long as he wasn’t yelling “SHARK!”

Sharks are nature’s perfect biological murder machine. They are the Pac Man of the sea and everything else in the ocean is an energy dot. From their flesh shredding face daggers to a digestive system that can pass a license plate they are built for one thing, kill it and eat it.

So without further preamble I give you:

The Top 5 Reasons Sharks Rule

5. Their Sense of Smell

A shark’s sense of smell is definitely one of its most outstanding attributes. As the shark swims, water flows through two forward facing nostrils, positioned along the sides of the snout. The water enters the nasal passage and moves past folds of skin covered with sensory cells.

It just got a lot easier for sharks to smell this diver.

These sensitive cells can detect even the slightest traces of blood in the water. A great white shark can detect a single drop of blood in an Olympic-size swimming pool. Most sharks can detect blood and other animal odors from many miles away.

We humans, on the other hand, rely largely on our vision to process our surroundings. In the murky depths of an ocean full of sharks that becomes the aquatic equivalent of playing “Blind Man’s Bluff” in a minefield. One of these beasts could be fifteen feet away with it’s triple row mouth full of razor sharp limb cleavers wide open and ready to amputate your pelvis to get to the chewy center in your innards, and you would never know he was there unless you brought your own cello player.

Bringing a light, on the other hand, will just make you even easier to find.

4. Longevity

I don’t mean longevity as in, “sharks live long lives,” although they certainly do. While many shark species live an average of 30-40 years, some species can live much longer. The Spiny Dogfish Shark has been known to live for as long as 100 years, as has the Great White. Some Whale Sharks have lived for an astounding 150 years. To put that in perspective, it is possible there is a whale shark somewhere in the world right now, dying of old age, that came into existence somewhere about the time of the beginning of the Civil War. So they are a long lived species.

An elderly shark gets fitted for an insanely expensive set of false teeth.

When I talk about longevity though, I don’t mean an individual shark’s lifespan but rather how long they’ve been in existence as a species.

There’s no doubt that sharks are one of the most feared creatures on Earth. They are also one of the most enduring. The oldest shark fossils found by marine biologists to date are from more than 300 million years ago. To put that in perspective, the age of sharks predates the the age of the dinosaurs. The sharks however, laugh at meteor impacts and ice ages.

A few existing shark species, such as the horn shark, have kept the same basic physical characteristics for more than 150 million years. Scientists attribute this remarkable longevity to the shark’s superior physiological developments. Sharks are outfitted with several special characteristics that make them highly effective, both as hunters and survivors.

What Ice Age?

So let’s do the math and a little logic assessment of what that means. Mankind has been around for roughly 150,000 years. Sharks have been around for roughly 300,000,000 years. That’s a three and eight kriffin’ zeroes. That is roughly two thousand more times than the entirety of human existence.

Now while mankind has achieved much in its brief tenure as the dominant species on land, such as space flight, computers, and processed room temperature cheese spread in an aerosol can; the sharks have been focused for two thousand times that long on one thing. Killing. And they’ve gotten very very good at it.

3. Their Skeletons

Jellyfish aside, pretty much every animal on the planet has some sort of skeleton. Be it fish or fowl, reptile or primate, insect or invertebrate, almost all manner of macroscopic life has a frame of some sort on which the rest of it is supported. So what is so unique about a shark’s?

Not nearly as tasty as the name would imply.

Sharks have skeletons made entirely of cartilage. That is the same pliable, highly flexible substance  your nose and ear bones are really made of. Cartilage is strong and sturdy but it has a much lower density than real bone. This material keeps sharks relatively lightweight, so they don’t sink in the ocean and they don’t need an air bladder like other fish.

So how does this marvelous, pliable skeleton make sharks scarier? Consider if you will, all the torture and torment the open sea can dish out. All the storms and tsunamis and prey vs. prey action. All the whirlpools and underground volcanoes and a million other ways to die. Now imagine being a one ton great white killing machine of a shark jumping into a feeding frenzy knowing you will bend but not break. It just isn’t fair I tell ya.

An articulated shark skeleton, and new reason not to sleep at night.

2. You Can’t Sneak Up On Them

As if the insane, borderline superpower sense of smell, the eons of evolution, and the pocket comb pliable skeleton weren’t enough to make an encounter with a shark a ridiculously one sided affair for anyone packing anything less than an eight gauge titanium cage and an 1800 psi spear gun, there are a few other advantages to being the shark in the “man meets shark” scenario. One of which is, you can’t sneak up on them. The big jerks always know you’re there. How? I thought you’d never ask. They actually have a couple of extra senses that we the shaved primates of the land don’t enjoy.

"Uh-oh... my electroreception sense is tingling."

The first is brought about because sharks have hundreds of pores near their snouts know as the ampullae of Lorenzini and it provides the shark with a sense known as electroreception. Simply put it means that sharks can sense the electrical currents all living things give off when the move. Every time you move any muscle in your body, you are giving off an electrical current. Even at rest, anything with a heartbeat will give off a mild electrical charge. Open air doesn’t conduct those electrical charges very well so land species rarely develop this talent. Salt water is a marvelous conductor of electricity however and so with the three hundred million years the sharks had to play around with the program, they came up with a way to sense even the slightest current in the water around them.

Quint, from the movie "Jaws", just prior to becoming a tasty shark treat.

What it means is, even if for some reason they couldn’t smell you, they would still know you were there, hiding behind that reef and quaking in your strap on fins. You could bury yourself in the mud and hold your breath and they would know precisely where to dig for a tasty treat. I would imagine it to be a bit of an Easter egg hunt for them. A good bit o’ fun for the whole sharkin’ family.

"yeah...heh heh... peek-a-boo dude... heh heh..."

The other extra sense the shark gets to ensure you have nowhere to hide, is known as the shark’s lateral line. The lateral line is basically a set of tubes just under the shark’s skin. The two main tubes run on both sides of the body, from the shark’s head all the way to its tail. Water flows into these main tubes through pores on the skin’s surface. The insides of the main tubes are lined with hair-like protrusions, which are connected to sensory cells. When something comes near the shark, the water running through the lateral line moves back and forth. This stimulates the sensory cells, alerting the shark to any potential prey or predators in the area.

So essentially, sharks have seven senses. The can see, smell, hear, taste and touch, but they can also detect EM waves and unusual water movements. There is literally nowhere you could go while in their domain that they wouldn’t know you were. That is scary.

1. The TEETH !

Time to talk about the teeth! Sharks have the most amazing choppers ever devised by nature and are unparallelled in the animal kingdom. While the heading says “The TEETH”, it is impossible to discuss a shark’s teeth without first talking about their (for lack of a better term) jaws. You see, unlike the jaw of most animals (humans included) the shark’s upper jaw isn’t part of its skull. It is hinged to the skull but can be dislocated and lunged forward towards the shark’s prey in order to increase it’s bite radius. So it seems the sharks used the three hundred million years to make some serious design improvements.


How hard can those fantastic jaws clamp down? Why an amazing… 27 pounds of pressure. That’s right, one of the hardest biting sharks in existence is the dusky shark and it only bites down with 27 pounds of pressure.  Despite the shmancy dislocating jawbone, it only bites down with 27 pounds of pressure. It’s more than enough, because that finally brings us to the teeth.

"Come on in man. The water's fine."

Now that we know how the jaw works it begs the question, “If the jaw is so weak, how does it do so much damage?” The answer of course is the triple to quintuple row of razor sharp, serrated, 2 to 3 inch teeth. A shark never runs out of teeth. It has as many as 3,000 teeth in its mouth at any given moment. When teeth are broken or fall out they are continually replaced for the entire life span of the fish.

The shark’s teeth act like a thousand mini guillotines as they are not designed to actually chew the prey so much as they are to instantly kill it so it can be swallowed whole. Only some bottom dwelling sharks have developed teeth designed for grinding open the shells of mollusks. The more active sharks need only the pure stabbing power of razor honed bone.

So There You Have It

The top 5 reasons sharks rule the oceans. This was clearly a humor piece as much as an informational one so I’d like to point out that there is a better chance of dying from a bee sting, getting hit by lightning, a drunk driver, an illegal handgun or choking on your Jello as there is of getting eaten by a shark. Of course I might go on to point out that for as long as those odds are, they go up substantially once you take your body and put it physically in the ocean. (To date there are no reports ever of a shark attack taking place in Kansas.) So should you decide to go where sharks live, I hope you will be aware that you may be the apple of your mom’s eye, but a shark just wants to shove an apple in your mouth and call you dinner. Have fun at the beach this summer.

Many sources were referenced in this piece. None more so than that has an excellent section on sharks. If you want to learn more about sharks I suggest you start there.
by Revmacd For Roqoo Depot – All The Latest Star Wars News and some sharks and lulz too.


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  1. Wicked post! Thanks.

  2. Did not know that their jaws dislocate! That’s awesome!

  3. Haha not bad it is quite interesting – i didn’t know a quarter of this!
    Good job! (:

  4. You left out the part about their exceptional negotiating skills.

  5. Number two is awesome. Great post. Sharks rule!

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  7. sharks are scaryyy!!!!!!! they rule!!! thanx for sharing.. :-)

  8. Shark Week = Better Than Horror Movie Marathon

  9. Great post! Gosh, I sure hope I don’t ever choke on Jello.

  10. As I was reading from the top, I kept thinking to myself, “#1 has to be the teeth…#1 has to be the TEETH!”

    Thanks for not disappointing.


  11. Shark Week! I love it! This post is awesome.

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  16. hahaha I never understood why people got so obsessed with shark week until now :D

  17. While I love your write up and article, as Will states above, navigation is another amazing trait of some sharks along with the sharks unparalleled immune system and amazing resistance to getting sick, including cancer.

    But while I do enjoy the well written piece, I would ask that you double check some other sources, specifically when looking at the bite force for sharks. While some sharks are bigger and obviously have more muscular jaws or narrow heads and therefore less room for jaw muscles, there are quite a few sources online, including animal planet’s own q&a section and discovery both that are quoting the bite force to be upwards of around 100 pounds of bite force, most notably are the man-eater sharks. Relating to that is while that still doesn’t sound like that much, its important to also realize just how much that pressure force is exerted over a specific distance and that the true measure of bite force per square inch or centimeter ends up being much greater. Last point to note on the bite force is that most sharks take a test bite, ensuring the target is indeed edible prey, that exerts much less force than a true kill bite.

    But otherwise a great post and very informative, and I couldn’t agree more that Sharks are hands down one of natures greatest successes and continue to be an ever evolving species. We definitely need more articles like yours to educate and lay the basis for younger evolving minds to see what a truly amazing creature sharks are, and further efforts to reduce over-fishing and the mindless slaughter of these great fish, along with countless other species of fish. Again kudos for a great piece!

  18. “And this is why there is no such thing as an LOLshark”!!! Priceless. Thanks for the educationally based laugh today, and congrats on being chosen as Freshly Pressed!

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  21. AHUHAUHAUHA Man, incredible post, I guess I’ve never have laughed so much in my entire life. Y’ know, I’m from Brazil, from a state called Minas Gerais… as well as Kansas, we are in the middle of the coutnry, so we don’t have sharks here… but they just scared me a lot. I’ll promise print this ang take with me when I go to visit the beach! HAHAHA

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  23. “Flesh ripping face daggers.” Great line. Love the post. Sharks, scary as they are, are one of my favorite animals. Shark Week rocks!

  24. I have to admit…I am absolutely terrified of these large toothy viscious fish. So, first I’d like to say, your pictures almost scared the sh*t out of me to the point I was considering adult diapers! Second, I did like your post very much. Very amusing, entertaining and informative :) Lastly, I am glad my chances of dying are greater choking on jello, as I would take the jello choking any day over being bitten by a shark. It’s less bloody and tastes better in my mouth lol! Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

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  28. I have to admit “That lifeguard could be yelling at you that the doctor called and said you have a brain tumor and it would be a relief, as long as he wasn’t yelling ‘SHARK!'” made me laugh, great way to start the peice. Thanks for all the info, I claim to “like the beach” but you’ll see me jumping and freaking out every five second at my own shadow -_- kinds ridiculous. But I did see one less than 10 yards away from me July of this summer at a beach 3 hours from Miami called Sarasota. Anyways, great whites are definitely the scariest and baddest, I don’t know what I’d do if I saw one, even from a top a boat. Probably have a heart attack. Anyhow, my grammars not the best, but I did feel your peice needed just a little more revising, to make it “nicer to read,” but thats just for picky freaks like myelf who can’t even follow through with their own advice. Fun to read, I like your language, its creative and refreshingly different.

  29. very informative and fun to read!
    btw, you left out the “t” in lightning… ;-)

  30. Wow, sharks just got a TON more awesome. Do all sharks have dislocating jaws, then? I mean like literally every species (that we know of)?

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  38. What you forgot to point out that discover Channels Shark Week always points out is that Sharks dont go human hunting because they love to eat human flesh… quite the contrary… Sharks have poor eye sight, they often attack humans as a mistake. They mistake a human for its favorite food the sea lion. Some times its a matter of wrong place at the wrong time! And as we all know with the over fishing of the oceans and the thinning of their hunting grounds… if it looks like a meal and its been starving for days… he is going to come for what ever it is in the water that seems to be in distress or looks like the favored meal sea lion… and you get bit! Shark Week often points these things out. A lot of people often think these amazing creatures are just evil human killing machines. They aren’t most of the time they spit the human out! As we aren’t on the menu on purpose and we dont taste like sea lion. The pictures are cool. I am always in awe of this majestic creature and find them fascinating…
    Thank you for your post, it was interesting.

  39. Just the thought of dying by the jaws and teeth of the biggest and meanest fish is enough torture for me. :D Nice post. Humorous yet informative. Thank you for scaring me more. I’d just probably stay at the seaside this summer. :)

  40. How fascinating! I learned so much from your post.

  41. Great piece, sharks certainly are the rulers of the ocean!
    My onyl criticism is that, as the Discovery Channel points out- sharks do NOT INTENTIONALLY HUNT HUMANS. Unless some other strange factor is at play, sharks bite humans mistakenly, and therefore soon after retract their hold and swim away, realizing that is was not the tasty seal they were hoping for. I spent much of my childhood afraid of the ocean because of sharks and there is no reason to! If you’re in a tropical area where sharks may be passing by, make sure to stay away from large packs of fish that attract sharks, and THE CHANCES ARE VERY SLIM THAT YOU WILL BE ATTACKED.

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  50. You are a little hard on SHARKS. I love sharks! Have you noticed that sharks and dolphins are about the only fish that still smile? Now with the Japanese killing dolphins(as if there weren’t enough fish in the sea)they won’t be smiling much longer. Sharks are fun fish and they love to play. Mostly their job is to clean up the seas from unwanted bodies. The Creator is awesome. Did you ever think that Sharks come near the beaches to play and not to eat? So instead of getting hit by a car or knifed in a dark alley you get bitten or eaten by a shark. O.K. Why do dogs love chasing people who are scared of them? Because it’s fun. Beaches are fun time for Sharks. They’re bored. They’re intelligent just like you and me. I love sharks. If people used to have tigers and lions as pets, why not tame baby sharks to have as pets. But then there’s always that chance of turning on you. Afterall it’s been millenia of bite, rip, eat for them. Millenia of conditioning to their appointed tasks. Give them a break. When a Shark smiles at you, smile back.

  51. Hey everyone. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I really am thankful you all took the time to comment and the sentiment has been very positive. I realize some of the material I presented was either subject to interpretation or could have been researched a little better. It was first and foremost a humor piece and is categorized as such right under the title. So anything you found that you might feel wasn’t absolutely factually correct can be chalked up to the work of evil wizards.

    Roqoo Depot’s mission is science meeting science fiction and we like to mix a little humor when we can. I hope all of you who enjoyed the article will check back often for the latest news from the Star Wars and science fiction universe, as well as to read more of my dopey science articles.

    You can find us on Facebook at or on Twitter as @roqoodepot.

    Thanks again and may the force be with you.

  52. Awesome post! (:

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  71. Just to give some perspective, around 8 pounds of pressure is enough to break human bone (conditions vary widely; a skull takes a wee bit more). But we’re talking about a huuuge area of bite, so 27 pounds of pressure (per sq. inch) is beyond lethal.

    Another reason why sharks rule: they’ve got two wankers. Oh yea. Called claspers, they’re pelvic fins that double up as shotguns with sperm bullets. Yes, bullets. Wish I could remember the name of the documentary, though. I can’t believe research teams are paid to chill out in tropical islands and observe sharks getting it on.

    Where do I sign up?

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    Minor heart attack aside, it’s interesting how SHARKS are to Discovery what Hitler is to the History Channel. Both are/ were very scary creatures and yet fascinating to learn about. In either case, FROM A SAFE DISTANCE.

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    But seriously, I was in Catalina Island, where one woman was nearly attacked in 2008, roughly a month afterward. I had no idea it had happened until I started watching shark specials! And I’ve swam in the Pacific around some of the places some other attacks have occurred. It’s scary to think about!

  102. Hey everyone. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I really am thankful you all took the time to comment and the sentiment has been very positive. I realize some of the material I presented was either subject to interpretation or could have been researched a little better. It was first and foremost a humor piece and is categorized as such right under the title. So anything you found that you might feel wasn’t absolutely factually correct can be chalked up to the work of evil wizards.

    Roqoo Depot’s mission is science meeting science fiction and we like to mix a little humor when we can. I hope all of you who enjoyed the article will check back often for the latest news from the Star Wars and science fiction universe, as well as to read more of my dopey science articles.

    You can find us on Facebook at or on Twitter as @roqoodepot.

    Thanks again and may the force be with you.

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  107. Reminds me of “JAWS” :D

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  113. Sharks are amazing animals and are awesome for all the reasons you stated…however, I would never want to come face to face with one. Sharks are awesome, but they’re also Nightmare Fuel.

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