Top 5 Memorable Star Wars Fanservice Moments

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You know it when you see it and everyone does it.  You’ve seen it in James Kirk’s artfully torn uniform, Virtual Six in the the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, and the Denna Troi/William Riker scenes in Star Trek: The Next Generation.   Here’s our list of the top five Star Wars memorable fanservice moments!

#5  A simple bug-cuddle between friends 

Dark Nest 1: The Joiner King‘s Jaina and Zekk’s bug-cuddling moment is memorable because it was designed to appeal to Jaina/Zekk shippers, but in the end it just made everyone gag. While fans were later grossed out by the words “membrosia excess” in the next paragraph, this moment later paved the way for the Zekk-Jaina-Jag love triangle in the Legacy of the Force series — and lots of arm rubbing (shudder!).  It remains to this day one of the closest moments the EU has had a to sex scene.

A weight lay across Jaina’s chest, and the inside of one ear was being warmed by a soft, pulsing growl.  The dormitory was filled with a comforting melange was filled of refresher soup and body smells from a dozen species, but predominant odor, familiar and musky and strongest, was human.

Male human.


Zinnos approved *stamps*

#4  It’s war time! Where’s my bikini top? 

In The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano wears no armor, relying on the Force and snippy one liners to save her. Ahsoka’s clothing is one of the most controversial fanservice moments because she’s a young Togruta female wearing skimpy clothes for no reason, appearing on a television show whose demographics include tweens and kids.

Anakin Skywalker approved *stamps* No wait...

#3 Aayla Secura

I won’t mention that Aalya Secura is a blue hottie (at least that’s what every fanboy tells me.) I won’t mention that George Lucas might have a thing for blue Twi’leks. I won’t mention that Aalya and Kit Fisto apparently had a thing for each other.  But I will mention that Aalya Secura has made a memorable mark on the Star Wars franchise — not to mention a double fan service whammy here.

Originally seen in Dark Horse’s Star Wars: Republic: Twilight, Aayla Secura was one of the few EU characters to make it into Attack of the Clones and The Revenge of the Sith.  Aayla Secura is now seen in The Clone Wars TV show as well, making her a triple threat to Separatists in comics, television and film.

Skuldren approved *stamps*

#2 Cade Skywalker wears a speedo 

Superheroes wear tight tights that leave little to the imagination, but Star Wars’ Jedi superheroes wear heavy, layered robes that leave far too much to the  imagination.  Legacy comics, staying true to its gritty style, changed that.

In Legacy: Volume Nine: Monster, Cade Skywalker visits Jool’s new place on Zeltros to unwind.  Speedo wearin’ Cade gets into a random fight with a random alien that shows off his physique and unarmed combat skills, creating a rare female fanservice moment.

Queen Jool approved *upchucks*

#1 Slave girl Leia 

The all time fanservice moment has spawned hoards of Comic-Con Leia wannabes and still has fanboys (and Han Solo) drooling is….slave girl Leia!

Han Solo approved. *stamps*

Written by: Dancelittleewok for Roqoo Depot.
Star Wars silliness by the best motherborkers in the galaxy.


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  1. #5: does anyone else feel the need to take a shower now? :)

  2. Alright bug cuddling! Funny stuff DLE, Screw Han Solo. That metal bikini was there for MY approval. ;)

  3. Ah, Jedi Bug Sex. WHY DENNING, WHY!?

  4. Considering J/Z weren’t even the #2 ‘ship at the time – it was a distant third behind – I’d call #5 author service in the name of needling fans. Cost him more fans; he certainly didn’t gain them in the aggregate.

    What about Red Goo Naked Luke in Rebel Stand? That’s more along the lines of fan service.

  5. During NJO, it was either J/J, J/K or J/Z. Jaina and Kyp figured out where they stood in NJO’s Dark Journey that leaves J/J and J/Z as the two couples to ship. Jagged Fel, as the only person to actually have a romantic relationship with Jaina, has been #1, leaving J/Z as #2.

    I do see your point about author service. On the message boards, fans speculated if Denning himself favored the J/Z pairing, but he’s not the only person to do so. If you look beyond the gooey bug stuff, in that scene there’s two friends whom may or may not have feelings for each other and wondering if they may or may not borked each other and are also mind joined. Good characterization of their relationship.

    Just like us, Denning cannot control the outcome to his work. And I cannot imagine Denning and The Powers that Be purposely alienating fans. The publishing business is still a business after all.

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