A Closer Look at the Ultimate Alien Anthology

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The Ultimate Alien Anthology is a Star Wars Roleplaying Game book published by Wizards of the Coast. Unlike most rpg sourcebooks, the Ultimate Alien Anthology is not weighed down with game info. Instead it is filled with very useful reference information on 177 sentient species from the Star Wars galaxy (179 if you count the two bonus species included in the free web enhancement). Those species are fairly all encompassing up until Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. which came out after the book was published. Each species has a short overview of their history and detailed information covering their personality, physical description, homeworld, language, example names, age in years, and their typical jobs. Some also include species specific technology, and of course the requisite D20 game stats. Each species also has its own picture, though the pictures are done in groupings illustrating four species at a time (typically). Most of the illustrations are very well done. Altogether it is one of the most useful Star Wars reference books out there.

However, if you want to compare the stats of the various aliens, you are unfortunately out of luck. There are no tables in the book that conveniently gather all the info together. Readers who would like to know the oldest species, tallest species, or shortest species would have to scour the entire book to find the info. That is until now.

Taking it upon myself to go through all the info and place it into a spreadsheet, I listed each species, their height, homeworld, typical languages, and most interestingly their lifespans. Now if you want to know the oldest species you can quickly look it up. Furthermore you can even examine to see which species takes the longest to mature, the average height and age, etc. I broke the info down into two pages. Page one Ultimate Alien Anthology: Height, Homeworld, Language and page two Ultimate Alien Anthology: Lifespans. Each page has some observations at the bottom. Feel free to point out any mistakes or to add your own observations. I plan to expand upon the project to include other reference books in the near future.

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