Behind-the-scenes of Jedi – the Dark Side…en francais!

June 23, 2011 at 5:24 am | Posted in Art, Comic Books, Dark Horse | 1 Comment

C’est bon! Star Wars comics fans, I’ve discovered two behind the scenes looks for two Jedi – The Dark Side covers, complete with a pretty model and never seen before images.

On his blog, French artist Stephane Roux revealed how he created Dark Horse’s Jedi – The Dark Side #2 cover.  He made a preliminary drawing to show Dark House.  After his proposal was accepted, Stephane enlisted the beautiful Emmmanelle:

This time, I had help from Emmanuelle, since she has a figure close to the main character to appear on the cover this time. Hey, it’s NOT always going to be funny pics, okay? Doodling and drawing sexy girls IS serious business.

He then used pencils and colors with Adobe Photoshop.   While the first Jedi – The Dark Side cover featured sunny hues, Stephane wanted a “nightlike mood” for the second cover.  Visit Moulinroux for pretty model pics and more, available with an English translation.

French site Beyond Comic Books shows the Jedi – The Dark Side #3 cover creation. Stephane Roux had two proposals for Dark Horse. Here’s a never seen before preliminary drawing:

Visit Beyond Comic Books for the original French and here for an English translation via Google.   The final cover is stunning to say the least.   Jedi – The Dark Side #2 is available now.  Jedi – The Dark Side #3 hits stores in July.

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Tous les Français dernières nouvelles de Star Wars

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  1. That’s pretty cool getting a behind the scenes look at the covers. I like how the one sketch for #3 has a word bubble explaining what’s happening. And the version right before it went to full color is very nice looking too. Excellent find, Erin.

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