Real Flying Motorcycles – Hoverbikes Are Here!

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When I was a kid there was a short lived spinoff from the original Battlestar Gallactica series called Gallactica 1980. It was terrible. The story, the premise, the acting, the special effects and even the lighting never seemed quite right. It only lasted ten episodes and this was in an age when a couple of pretty boys in an orange Chrysler with a rebel flag on the roof could pull top ten ratings. The only thing about the show that kept the young teenage fanboy glued to the set was the flying motorcycles.

That’s right, they had flying motorcycles. Forget about the absurdity of them trying not to be discovered as aliens on Earth, trying to “blend in” with Earth culture, but still scooting around Los Angeles on flying motorcycles. I mean it. Just forget that it was ridiculous. They had FLYING STINKIN’ MOTORCYCLES and that alone was worth your undivided, sweaty little fanboy attention.

Here is a little video I edited together in an effort to spare you the horror that was the production values of that show but allow you to bask in the awesomeness that was the flying motorcycle fantasy. Stick around after the video for the 2011 update on this wonder-tech.

I assure you members of the younger generation that those special effects were crappy even by 1980 standards. The idea of it though! The idea of using a flying motorcycle to deliver comeuppance to a band of dirty, stinking, biker hippies was so delicious you just couldn’t look away.

No over compensation issues here! Move along!

The idea was so fantastic that it caught on in a huge way. I won’t say there were no depictions of the flying motorcycle prior to 1980 but after the short lived Gallactica series, they began popping up with some regularity. It was as if Glen A. Larson was able to record our dreams. Even Professor Frink of The Simpsons got to tool around Springfield on his from time to time.

"With the revving and the whirling and the flying and oy the glavine..."

So I guess the question becomes, what happened? Suddenly the idea of it died on the vine. Suddenly, just as technology seemed to be keeping pace with imagination all of a sudden, the idea of the flying motorcycle, and even the flying car for that matter, seemed to suddenly disappear from our collective consciousness. We clamored for more powerful and feature rich computers and cell phones but we seemed to forgo any major advancement in transportation technology. While the iPhone and Android tablet may be revolutions in computing technology, a prolonged global recession has left car manufacturers a little leery of sinking too much into the R&D end of the next great transportation age.

A 1980 artists rendering of what life would look like in 2010. I wonder why he thought we'd have pointy ears.

That, coupled with a healthy fear of hover mini-vans smoking a hole out of the side of a skyscraper because the soccer mom flying it was trying to talk on her cell phone while writing directions and yelling at the kids to pipe down. Not something transportation officials were looking forward to writing regulations for, if you know what I mean.

Your average hovercraft that suffers an engine failure has roughly the same flight pattern and glide prospects as a cinder block. It falls straight down and breaks into many pieces upon impact with the ground, as do the driver (pilot?) and passengers in any such vehicle. The amount of training and regulation it would take to ensure any reasonable level of safety for the general public should these vehicles become commonplace would be off-the-charts expensive and an enormous public works undertaking. So that is why we don’t have them.

Until now.

Dear readers I give you the brainchild of one Christopher Malloy of the great nation of Australia.

No matter what you did today, Mr. Malloy's day was slightly awesomer.

I first discovered Mr. Malloy’s invention while perusing the pages of, another of my frequent online nerd hangouts. Thumbnail size photos won’t do this puppy justice so I will post a few more pics with quoted text from Engadget.

It gets 40 miles to the gallon. A gallon of awesome-sauce.

…the bike is capable of traveling at speeds of up to 173mph at 10,000 feet. It could potentially travel even higher, but then users would have to carry oxygen. Classified as an ultra-light, users won’t be required to have a pilot’s license to ride it…

It would look good just like that, parked in my driveway.

The 1170 cc hoverbike engine is air-cooled and runs on regular unleaded fuel… One tank will net zippy riders about 92 miles. They’ll cost a pretty penny too – up to $40,000.

So there you have it. While I highly doubt it would be very practical in an urban landscape, the uses for search and rescue as well as law enforcement are limitless. Malloy will begin taking orders next year.

I may not come screaming up to work on my awesome-sauce hover-bike any time soon but it tickled me to no end to know that they are out there and I may just get to live out that fanboy fantasy yet one day.

by Revmacd For Roqoo Depot – All The Latest Star Wars News and flying motorcycles baby!

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