John Jackson Miller Talks Knight Errant: Deluge and More

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Fictional Frontiers did a really nice podcast interviewing Star Wars author and comic writer John Jackson Miller. They covered a lot of ground including Knight Errant, especially the upcoming Deluge arc, his upcoming novels, as well as the comic book industry in general.

John revealed that Kerra will be returning to her homeworld in the upcoming Deluge arc, but unlike Aflame and the Knight Errant novel, Kerra will find very little assistance from the people on Aquilaris, part of that being due to drug abuse on the planet. However Kerra will be receiving a new ally in the form of a Republic starfighter captain named Jenn Devaad. The importance of this meeting is that Jenn gives Kerra the opportunity to let someone else take over the role of saving people, thus letting Kerra get back to her original mission: fighting Sith. John also mentioned that Jenn will represent a potential role model for Kerra and that the Deluge arc will have a lot of starfighter combat.

Ultimately Deluge will test Kerra. She has been shown to be young and idealistic, yet she is growing. Deluge will be another opportunity for her to grow. The lack of support from the citizens of her homeworld will cause her to question whether they are worth saving. John hinted that the real conflict in the arc will revolve around that and her chance of letting someone else, Jenn Devadd, take over.

Deluge will also showcase a new third party: the Hutts. While we will be seeing new Sith, including are first look at Arcadia (who appeared in the novel Knight Errant), the Hutts will be playing a big role. With the state of affairs in the galaxy there is a lot of opportunity, and as John put it “the Hutts are very opportunistic.” He also mentioned how the Star War Atlas variably shows the Hutts ruling Sith Space and the Sith ruling Hutt space, and that Deluge may shine some light on that situation. Both groups have similar point of views, the big difference being that the Hutts don’t have the Force.

Although John doesn’t have any more Knight Errant novels planned, he remains enthusiastic about doing more and was happy to share that his Lost Tribe of the Sith stories will be coming out in print soon. There are still two more eBooks yet to be released, the next one being Pantheon, but John mentioned that he will also be adding a “large addition” to fill out the upcoming book. It was something he wanted to do in order to give the readers their money’s worth and Del Rey agreed.

John finished things off by touching upon the comic book industry and surprised me by mentioning his site comichron which delves into detailed research of the comic book industry, especially sales. There were some nice insights there and I highly recommended listening to the podcast to check them out.

You can listen to the full podcast here on Fictional Frontiers site to hear all of the information John shared on Knight Errant and the comic industry. Don’t miss out.

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