John Jackson Miller Talks Knight Errant: Deluge and More

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Fictional Frontiers did a really nice podcast interviewing Star Wars author and comic writer John Jackson Miller. They covered a lot of ground including Knight Errant, especially the upcoming Deluge arc, his upcoming novels, as well as the comic book industry in general.

John revealed that Kerra will be returning to her homeworld in the upcoming Deluge arc, but unlike Aflame and the Knight Errant novel, Kerra will find very little assistance from the people on Aquilaris, part of that being due to drug abuse on the planet. However Kerra will be receiving a new ally in the form of a Republic starfighter captain named Jenn Devaad. The importance of this meeting is that Jenn gives Kerra the opportunity to let someone else take over the role of saving people, thus letting Kerra get back to her original mission: fighting Sith. John also mentioned that Jenn will represent a potential role model for Kerra and that the Deluge arc will have a lot of starfighter combat. Continue Reading John Jackson Miller Talks Knight Errant: Deluge and More…

Star Wars Authors React to Sue Rostoni’s Retirement

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Yesterday, announced that LucasBooks’ executive editor Sue Rostoni was retiring.  I asked Star Wars authors to share their experiences working with Sue Rostoni.  Here’s what Abel G. Pena, Karen Miller, Maya Kaathyrn Bohnhoff, Ann C. Crispin, and John Jackson Miller had to say.

John Jackson Miller, author of Knight Errant, said:

All fans of the Star Wars fiction and comics owe a debt of thanks to Sue, who’s made the Galaxy Far, Far, away a better place for all of us.  Her support and wisdom have been invaluable to me over the years, from KOTOR through to Lost Tribe of the Sith and Knight Errant.  She has a great sense of what makes a good story, and I’m honored to have been able to write for her.  She will definitely be missed.

Ann C. Crispin, author of The Han Solo Trilogy, said:

Congratulations on your retirement, Sue! I will always remember working with you and Lucasfilm as one of the best, most professional, and most fun experiences I’ve had in writing tie-in novels! Your knowledge of Star Wars is all-encompassing, and the fact that you have a real sense of humor is a tremendous plus. Writing the Han Solo Trilogy was really a pleasure for me, due mostly to you and my great editors at Bantam.

Be well and happy in your retirement!

Karen Miller, author of Clone Wars: Gambi: Siege, said:

Working with Sue Rostoni was one of the highlights of my professional Star Wars adventure.  What could have been a bewildering and intimidating experience was made delightful because of her warmth, accessibility and wonderfully professional attitude to everything involving this amazing story.  Lucasfilm will be poorer for her absence.   I just hope that whatever she chooses to do next, it involves a great deal of relaxing with a good book because she’s more than earned some wonderful down time.

Abel G. Pena,’s Only Sith Deal in Absolutes! blogger, said:

Sue was a class act with a big heart.  She cared deeply and sincerely about the fans and Star Wars fiction.  She has my heartfelt affection and thanks for steering the franchise true for so many wonderful years.

Maya Kaathyrn Bohnhoff, co-author of the upcoming Shadow Games, said:

While I’ve only with Sue on three projects, I’m really gonna miss her.  She and Leland Chee worked like an editorial team, and have been instrumental in keeping us honest when it comes to things that can or cannot be in the galaxy far, far away.

What was really cool about Sue was that she would get possible problem in a story by asking questions.  For example, if we have a Force sensitive show a new ability that hasn’t been seen before–like Kaj Savoros disintegration ability in Patterns of the Force–she wouldn’t say. “That doesn’t work–change it.”  She’d ask, “This is a new Force ability.  How can he do that? It needs to work in the GFFA.”  Like I said, her job was to keep up honest and true to the GFFA, and she did it well.

I’d like to wish Sue a very happy retirement, free of persnickety, temperamental writers. :) And I hope our next exec editor know he or she has big shoes to fill.

Roqoo Depot Staff would like to thank Maya Kaathyrn Bohnhoff, John Jackson Miller, Abel G. Pena, Ann C. Crispin and Karen Miller for speaking to us.  Roqoo Depot also contacted Sue Rostoni for an additional comment.  She appreciated our gratitude and thanked us for our best wishes.  Sue will be missed by the Star Wars authors and fans alike.

If you haven’t already, head over to the Star Wars Books Facebook page and send Sue Rostoni your best wishes!

Read Alex Irvine, Daniel Wallace and Christie Golden’s responses to Sue Rostoni’s retirement news here.

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Dark Horse Releases some new Star Wars comic art

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Today for Star Wars Friday, Dark Horse raided comic editor Dave Marshall’s office and released some pencil artwork for an unnamed Star Wars comic. The artwork looks to be placed during The Old Republic. However, it’s hard to tell if this is part of the The Lost Suns series or not. Take a look for yourselves and enjoy the sneak preview!

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Top 5 Totally Misused Science Fiction Technologies

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We all love science fiction. It’s why we’re here reading or writing on a science fiction fan site after all. We love space ships and space battles and a glimmer of advanced technologies that would seem as much like magic to us as a formula one dragster would to a caveman.

No this... isn't awkward at all...

We enjoy sarcastic androids and heroes with laser swords who have evil magic cyborgs for a dad and occasionally kiss their sister inappropriately. Fleets and fighters and green faced alien chicks make us sit up and notice. We look at the technology they use and imagine living in a futuristic age of wonder.

Unfortunately, we silly shaved apes have a penchant for exploiting any technology to it’s extremes. I mean, I’m actually writing this article right now on a phone I carry on my belt. When I’m done I intend to watch some HBO on the same phone. You see, I just don’t think the technology we see in those science fiction shows and movies we love so much would be used quite like they are portrayed. In fact, I can probably think of  5 science fiction technologies that are completely misused right now.

For the purposes of whittling down the hundreds of sci fi franchises and their pseudo-science and tech, I am reducing the number of sources used here down to what I consider the “Big 3” of science fiction. Those being Star Trek, Stargate and of course, grandaddy Star Wars. The technology discussed can be found in one or more of those franchises but I may include other references if the mood strikes me.

5. Stasis Fields

Continue Reading Top 5 Totally Misused Science Fiction Technologies…

Contagion: Outbreak Expo

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Nebraska’s Contagion: Outbreak expo kicks off today and will run until Sunday. Taking place in Omaha, Contagion: Outbreak will have a slew of celebrities present include a few Star Wars notables. Actor Richard LeParmentier will be there (he portrayed Admiral Motti in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope), as well as Joe Schreiber, author of Death Troopers and Red Harvest. Plus the 501st Legion’s Central Garrison, Rebel Legion’s Central Base, and R2-Central will all be in attendance along with some Star Wars replica droids. For all of the details you can check out the official site here.

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Producer Rick McCallum Discusses Where and When of Live Action Star Wars TV Show

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It is reported this morning by the web based news site that Producer Rick McCallum has commented on the timing and possible filming locations for the long anticipated Star Wars live action television series. The reason a Czech news site would report this information is likely because the Czech Republic capital of Prague is a probable location for filming the series.

We won't be seeing Gold Leader "Dutch" backstory any time soon.

To this fans disappointment, McCallum also indicated it may be three or four more years before any filming on the series will begin, again citing the costs of producing such an ambitious show on a television budget, just as George Lucas himself stated during an interview with Kevin Perriera on the G4 cable network’s Attack of The Show last month.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

Kudos to the guys at The Star Wars Report who brought the story to our attention too. Looking forward to the next podcast guys.

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