Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer – Return

June 6, 2011 at 3:50 pm | Posted in Star Wars News, Video Games | Leave a comment posted a new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMO):

Along with the new trailer, SWTOR provided an additional description:

Protected by the legendary Jedi Order, the Galactic Republic stood as a bastion of peace in the galaxy for a thousand generations. Several centuries ago, the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known emerged in the form of the dark Sith Empire. After a volatile war, the Republic emerged victorious and the Sith were assumed to be extinct. Nonetheless, the Jedi have maintained a constant vigil over the ancient Sith homeworld, to protect the galaxy from the darkness that still resides in the planet’s tombs.

Still no word on a release date but E3 isn’t over yet.

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Monday Funny: Don’t Talk to Strange Ewoks

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Without further ado, I bring to you a dose of Monday humor this fine June day…

Remember don’t trust just any Ewok you come across.

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First Look at Kinect Star Wars

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Entertainment Weekly posted an exclusive preview yesterday of the upcoming Kinect Star Wars game that will be officially announced today at E3. Covering both trilogies, the hands free game will allow players to use the Force, fly podracers and X-wings, and fight with lightsabers. No word yet on how the voice component of the game will work or if Dark Side powers like Force choke and lightning will be included.You can read the full article here as well as watch a demo of the game.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2011 Trailer

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Without further ado, I give you the The Old Republic E3 2011 trailer:

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Happy Birthday, Daniel Logan

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Today Roqoo Depot wishes actor Daniel Logan a happy birthday! Daniel played Boba Fett in the movie Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, as well as doing the voice work for Boba Fett and the clone cadets in The Clone Wars television series. He has also played parts in several other television series including Shortland Street, Herecules: The Legendary Journeys, and TakaPu: A Gannet in the South Seas. He’s also played a part in the film The Legend of Johnny Lingo.

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Daniel got his first acting role when he was ten years old for a commercial with Auckland rugby star Michael Jones. Subsequently he was offered more roles in various commercials which led to a recurring part in Shortland Street, a New Zealand television series. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California and is an active participant on Twitter, so feel free to stop by and wish him a happy birthday. You can also visit his official site to learn more about the promising young actor.

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