Big News for The Old Republic on the Horizon: E3

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June 7-9 is the E3 Expo and is promising fans some big news.

TOR Writing Director, Daniel Erickson: We have a ton of new content at E3. We will have stations on the show floor for the first time, giving everyone hands-on [time] with Tatooine, a planet we’ve never shown. We’ll have a first look at some boss fights and will be taking the wraps off our end-game content. We are also going to be debuting the grand conclusion to Blur’s amazing CG trilogy and will have a few more surprises thrown in as well. It’s going to be a big show!

So if you loved the beautiful cinematic trailers like the Sacking of Coruscant and Hope, The Battle for Alderaan as much as us, then get ready for the third one…

You may recall the dramatic cinematic trailers we’ve released at previous E3 shows. First, “Deceived” showed the dark triumph the Sith Empire achieved by sacking Coruscant and destroying the Jedi Temple. Then “Hope” took us back a few years in Old Republic history to the courageous stand made by Republic heroes in the Battle of Alderaan. These are critical points in the history of The Old Republic, but there’s another moment that we’ve yet to share.

To kick off the gaming coverage this week, Gamespot released an interview with Daniel Erickson, Gabe Amantangelo, and Damion Schubert to discuss Star Wars The Old Republic. Mr. Erickson confirms the third cinematic trailer, while Mr. Mantangelo and Mr. Schubert cover details from raiding to vehicles.

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