Preview of – The Old Republic: The Lost Suns

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From The Official Site this morning comes a 6 page preview of a new stand alone issue of Star War: The Old Rebublic entiled The Lost Suns. This stand alone issue is based on the video game from BioWare.

The biggest Star Wars story on the horizon — LucasArts and BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic online game — gets a fresh, new tale set concurrent with the game, written by one of its senior writers! Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Lost Sunsarrives from Dark Horse Comics next week, on June 8th, but here’s an exclusive preview of the series.

The Lost Suns stands alone as an accessible Star Wars adventure, introducing a new hero with a new mission! It also intertwines with the narrative of the game, revealing secrets players will find nowhere else! Theron Shan — descendant of the legendary bloodline that includes Jedi Bastila Shan and Satele Shan — is no Jedi. He’s a Republic spy! His mission: to discover the blackest secret at the heart of the evil Sith Empire!

Written by Dark Horse veteran Alexander Freed it promises to be a fun new adventure in the galaxy far far away.


by Revmacd for Roqoo Depot – All The Latest Star Wars News

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