Choices of One and Crisis of Faith revelations from Timothy Zahn

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Star Wars author Timothy Zahn revealed interesting tidbits about the upcoming Choices of One  and the novella “Crisis of Faith” (featured in Heir to the Empire: 20th Anniversary Edition) on his new Facebook page:

Baron Soontir Fel will be featured  in “Crisis of Faith”

Pellaeon will play a major role in Choices of One.

“Crisis of Faith” bridges the gap between Heir to the Empire and Choices of One.

UPDATE:  Thrawn will also appear in Choices of One.  When asked to about role would Thrawn play, Timothy Zahn said, “Thrawn will be on camera a fair amount, but his actual role will be…hmm…a bit difficult to describe. I guess you’ll have to see and judge for yourself.”

Iimothy Zahn revealed more about Pallaeon’s role, saying, “Pellaeon is one of the senior bridge officers aboard the Chimaera.”

Timothy Zahn and Del Rey Editor-at-Large Shelly Shapiro will be meeting in July to discuss his publishing future with Del Rey/Lucas Books.

Since we tweeted Timothy Zahn’s appearance on Facebook last week, his page “like” count is now about 1,900.   Many fans have posted how The Thrawn Trilogy has touched their lives.  Count me–amongst the numerous fans –hoping we’ll see more of Timothy Zahn in the Star Wars EU future.

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