More Star Wars authors react to ebook news

May 12, 2011 at 5:03 pm | Posted in Books, Star Wars News | 2 Comments

In light of the recent Star Wars catalog news, I asked Star Wars authors how they felt about the news.  Four more Star Wars authors have replied back.  Here’s what they had to say.

Christie Golden, author of the Fate of the Jedi: Allies and the upcoming Fate of the Jedi: Ascension, said:

It’s been my experience that when a reader is a real fan either of an author or the series, and also enjoy reading e-books, they tend to purchase the books in both formats–traditional and e-book.  If they’re only casually interested, they often pick up the e-book when they might not pick the traditional method.  I think this is a win!

Walter Jon Williams, author of the one of the first few available Star Wars ebooks, New Jedi Order: Ylesia, said:

I’m delighted that my work will continue to be available to the many Star Wars fans in the Digiverse!

Joe Schrieber, author of Death Troopers and Red Harvest, said:

That’s great news.  I’ve gotten emails from readers for a couple years now asking when the Star Wars novels will become e-books, and I’ve always had to say I don’t have any idea.  One message was from a firefighter who loved the SW novels but didn’t have room in his equipment bag for a full-sized book…I’ve always told people I didn’t have any influence over the SW novels transitioning to e-books but I’ve always felt like the move was inevitable, and I’m glad it’s happening.

Sean Williams, author of The Force Unleashed II, said:

This is terrific news. My response is, quite simply, “About time!”

Overall, the response from Star Wars authors and fans alike has been positive.  As the June 28 date draws closer, I’m sure that we will be hearing more details on this great ebook transition.

The Roqoo Depot Staff would like thank Sean Williams, Christie Golden, Walter Jon Williams, and Joe Schrieber for speaking to us.

Read Lost Tribe of the Sith author Jackson Jackson Miller’s thoughts here.

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  1. The rebound goes to DLE in the low post… she shoots…SHE SCORES!

    Yeah… that’s good work. Very nice.

  2. Nice insight from the authors. It’s very interesting what they have to say. I think the move toward an eBook catalog is going to pan out well for Lucasfilm/Random House. Could be a good way to snag new readers.

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