Star Wars Mothers: Bad Role Models?

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I’m thinking mothers and Star Wars today.  It’s a logical progression because I am: A) a Star Wars fangirl, and B) a mother (I do have my priorities straight).  I’m mentally perusing through the list of well known Star Wars mothers, and in that favorite pastime of mothers everywhere, coming to the conclusions of what serious fails they were in the mothering department.  Let me elaborate.

Shmi Skywalker:  the mere fact that she couldn’t give a solid answer for her son’s paternity isn’t necessarily (as we’ve seen numerous time on Maury Povich) a strike against her, although I grant you naming Bob, The Midichlorian might have raised even Jerry Springer’s eyebrows.  However, she called her kid Annie.  Really, what guy wouldn’t go dark over that?  No wonder he overcompensated with the black clothes and big lightsaber.

Padme Amidala Skywalker:  despite that heroic effort of Karen Miller’s to make sense of this epic fail, who leaves their newborn twins ten seconds after they’re born and wimp out with a broken heart?  Okay, I get the dramatic symbolism of those intercut scenes of Padme dying as Darth Vader is born, but why oh why was that broken heart line ever included in the script?  It wasn’t necessary; the audience was already buying her death – by choking.  Fail.

Leia Organa Solo:  Where do I begin?  Has three kids and shunts them off to another planet to be raised by someone else.  Didn’t help much because they still managed to get in trouble, kidnapped, danger.  Of course by the time she figured out that wasn’t working out too well, it was time to shuffle them off to Luke and the Jedi Praxium – where they continued to get into more trouble, kidnapped, danger.

Epic fail?  Not noticing her son was, well, a Sith lord.  Seriously, how do you not notice that?  Come on, she was Jedi.  They’re supposed to notice those kinds of things.  The yellow eyes and murdering people with a clenched fist are dead give aways.   Still, I’m not sure that was Leia’s biggest fail.  I think maybe sending her daughter to kill her twin brother probably tops my all-time fail-as-a-mother list.

Mara Jade Skywalker:  I love Mara; I really do.  I sort of pattern my mothering after her – right up to the point where I let any of my sons be a Sith’s apprentice.  Hello?  Jedi Master, one time Emperor’s Hand here.  She should have been klicks ahead of Luke in spotting Jacen’s Sithiness.  Instead she argues with her husband on how best to raise the kid.  Well, I guess that’s pretty typical now that I think about it.

You know this really does make me feel better as a mother.  It’s all about priorities.  Mine are straight.  I managed to turn out three major Star Wars fans, and in the grand cosmic scheme that’s what really matters.

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