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Booyah! It’s free comic book day. I swung by New England comics in Brockton MA today for my free comic books and to hang out with all my geek pals. As I reported here months ago, Dark Horse released an eight page Savage OpressĀ  mini story that was paired up inversely in the same book with a short story from Avatar-The Last Air Bender brought to you by Dark Horse in conjunction with Nickelodeon.

Eight whole pages and all free baby!

As usual, most of the free comics given away for Free Comic Book Day were a bust. Your usual assortment of Casper The Friendly Ghost and some other titles no one has ever heard of in comic history. There were a few titles beside The Savage Opress Star Wars: The Clone Wars story that looked interesting though. There was a Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman title available as well as free 3D glasses for an online game tie in to the new movie Priest due out in theaters on May 13TH.

Comic store windows just never look cluttered, do they?

It’s a dank, rainy day here in the cradle o’ revolution and there wasn’t the greatest turnout for the event either. In years past I’ve seen the store packed with hundreds of attendees of all ages. Maybe it’s the lingering recession, perhaps just a late spring that has everyone hanging around in doors these days but the crowd did seem sparse. Given the smashing success of the Star wars: The Clone Wars cartoon and the various Star Wars titles offered by Dark Horse I would have hoped for a better crowd though.

There was this one fellow there with a booth set up who shall remain nameless because he didn’t want his boss to know what he was doing for free on the weekends what he is supposed to charge people for all week long. He did manage to catch my likeness rather well and I wish I could give him a shout out but I gave him my word I wouldn’t. Instead I will tell you that despite the thin crowd I still had a great time at Free Comic Book Day at New England Comics, I will enjoy my free Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic book and I leave you with my stunning likeness below.

I look exactly like this. The man's eye for detail is remarkable. Exactly. Like. This.

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