May the Fourth Be With You Reaches 110%

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Rotta the Hutt unleashed!

The May the Fourth Be With You countdown has ended, but wait! It has now reached 110% completion! How can that be possible you say? Well they’ve just announced a very special bonus disk ten that will include a rare documentary “How Ewoks Conquered the Galaxy” that shows behind the scenes footage, narrated by Wicket, and deleted scenes of the Ewok action on the moon of Endor. Also included is an animated short “Rotta the Hutt: Happily Ever After” that shows what happened to Jabba’s son after his demise in Return of the Jedi…

…but seriously, the big reveal and share campaign has ended at 100% completion with all the details available on the official site. Sadly there is no disk ten with added Ewok and Hutt footage, but there will be a creature feature entitled Classic Creatures on disc nine that’ll show the Ewoks, Jabba the Hutt, and others. Since there are really three releases, one separate release just for the prequels, one for the original trilogy, and one for the complete saga, there are no less than three cover art designs. Again, you can find all the details on the official site or you can head on over to their special Facebook page.

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Crimson Empire III 8 Page Preview

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Thanks to Holocron Keeper and Dark Horse you can celebrate May the 4th by reading the entire 8 page Crimson Empire III on TOS.  Enjoy the freebie, recently published in Dark Horse Presents, and for all the latest on Star Wars comics, check out the Dark Horse site.

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New Ashley Eckstein Interview

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Disney is on a roll today, along with the new Star Tours poster, they’ve just released a new interview with The Clone Wars voice actress Ashley Eckstein. Along with the few questions they asked are a lot of pictures. You can read it here.

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Databurst From the 501st

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Latest 501st Databurst events schedule. May 7th is Free Comic Book Day and is especially packed with special 501st appearances. Be sure to mark your calenders and show your support.

May 4th

  • Georgia Garrison will be at the Star Wars-themed Banquet in St. Simmons, GA.
  • NorthEast Remnant Garrison will be at the Plumstead Library Event in New Egypt, NJ.

Disney Star Tours Poster

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Disney’s blog revealed a new poster for Star Tours today. Check it out.

Designed by Disney Imagineer Scot Drake, the poster focuses on the Starspeeder 1000. All in all the poster looks kinda neat.

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DK Contest: Chance to win books and flash drives

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DK, in honor of Star Wars Day and their Attack of the Authors tour, is holding a sweepstakes to give away Star Wars themed flash drives and Star Wars books (Mysteries of the Jedi, Battles for the Galaxy, and Blueprints: Rebel Edition). Just head on over to their site for your chance to win.

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The Big Reveal

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After all that the wait is finally over. Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The big announcement is… (drum roll please)… Yeah, as expected, Fox Entertainment is announcing that they are now taking pre-orders for the entire Star Wars saga Blu-Ray collection, which will be released on September 16TH.  The original trilogy and prequel trilogy will be sold separately for $59.99 each or you can purchase all six movies in one collection for $99.99. A savings of twenty bucks.

While this is not Earth shaking news, I understand from following certain people close to LucasFilms LTD. on Twitter that George Lucas himself sent these collections out already as gifts to close friends and members of the cast and crew of the movies. They all raved about how beautiful the case was and how thrilled they were with the collection.

So this Star Wars Day, treat yourself to the new Blu Ray collection and May The 4TH be with you.

by Revmacd

Yeah, didn't see that coming.

May The 4TH Be With You-The Countdown

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I wanna know I wanna know I wanna know I wanna Know...

What’s all this then? I awake this morning to discover TOS is running a countdown clock with only an hour and a half to go. It expires at 9 AM EST. What will the big reveal be? The browser tab reads “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” so one could speculate this will be an announcement of a collection release of some sort. With the entire series available on both blu ray and DVD in collectors edition sets, I might go so far as to predict it may be some sort of hard cover book collection. Honestly though, I really don’t know. Of course we will be right here come 9 AM to update the story and bring you all the deatails.

Update: With 61 minutes to go I noticed this tidbit grayed out under the countdown clock.

This website is operated by Fox Home Entertainment. It is not hosted or operated by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its affiliates.

A Quick Google search reveals Fox Home Entertainment as the DVD and Blu Ray distribution operation of 20TH Century Fox. So now I think a picture emerges that this will be a new collection of the movie saga being released in some form. Down to fifty five minutes and counting.

by Revmacd

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