LucasArts and Unreal Engine 3

April 26, 2011 at 12:53 pm | Posted in Star Wars News, Video Games | 1 Comment

It was announced today that LucasArts has signed a licensing agreement with Epic Games in order to utilize the Unreal Engine 3 for multiple projects. The “long-term” agreement doesn’t offer any details of what projects we can expect, and there was no mention of any Star Wars games that would be utilizing the new game engine. That said, I’m going to wildly speculate that Star Wars Battlefront III is going to be redeveloped utilizing Unreal Engine 3. Though it’s possible we could see The Force Unleashed III, I think it’s more likely that LucasArts would take advantage of rebooting the Battlefront franchise, adding new content from The Clone War series.

What game would you like to see LucasArts make with Unreal Engine 3?

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